Saturday, October 6, 2007

Last Night

Shed a tear, my friends, for tonight concludes our week long journey, sailing through the pearly waters of the Adriatic Sea. We have just arrived in Split, where we began our trip last Sunday, and will spend the day sightseeing, having our final Croatian dinner, and then will head to the airport to fly to Munich. We dont actually arrive in Munich until tomorrow morning (layover in Zagreb), and then plan to spend the day at Dachau and the evening at Oktoberfest. I am excited to return to land and dive into history (albeit incredibly painful). Ive loved my time in Croatia, but i am glad that the time is over. Last night the girls and i all had our own Captains dinner at a lovely Konoba in Omis. Three liters of house wine later (one of which was on the house!), we headed off the local bar to play with our fellow pirates, dance a little, and then i called it an early night (of course). It was lovely. Its all been lovely. I cannot believe how lucky i am to have experienced such beauty at this point in my life. Thank you.

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