Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sundays

*Yaaaaaaaaaawwwnnn* Mmm today's been one of those deliciously lazy Sunday where you remain content in your warm, uber-comfy (thanks to your darling older sister who sent you a foam mattress pad) bed buried under Hello Kitty sheets and pink blankets and duvets for as long as you wish, getting up only to tinkle and get a snack. Mmm it's been wonderful. And the best part? I don't have class tomorrow! The beauty of starting your week of school on Tuesday is that lazy Sundays are completely valid and OK. I heart London.

That being said, i'm now (sort of) up, burning my new orange and ginger candle (DIVINE), and looking up info. on purchasing tickets to La Bayadere, a fabulous ballet set in India. It ends this Saturday, so I'm dying to get a cheap ticket to the Saturday matinee. I've never been to a ballet, but I can't imagine one I'd love more than one set in India! Imagine the costumes... imagine the music!! Augh i can't wait.

Last night I babysat for FOUR kids, count them 1-2-3-4!! My two "regulars" (5-yr old girl, 3-yr old boy), and 2 more boys (3-yr and 1-yr). They were all adorable, of course, but wow, I haven't been around a crying baby in a looooong time. Turns out, the 1-yr old is only (temporarily) placated when I sang "Wheels On the Bus" over and over and over... Needless to say, i sang that song for about 1 1/2 hours total last night and came up with new and interesting lyrics, like "The babysitter on the bus goes 'Please don't cry, please don't cry, please don't cry.' The babysitter on the bus goes.." I think you get my drift. Luckily the other 3 were having tons o' fun playing dress up and throwing balls so I didn't have to worry about them too much. I love kids, i really do. Especially cute kids who are cute even when they are screaming their heads off. ;-) Sigh, reminds me of my days as a toddler...

Am fighting every urge to crawl back into bed... especially now that the sun is setting (yes at 5 p.m.). Lebanese fare is on the menu tonight for dinner. Yum!

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