Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hello mz beautiful friends! I know i promised loads of blogging while abroad, but itćs been a bit difficult, what with no internet in my room yet, and internet cafes being a bit rushed. I am currentlz in Makarska, Croatia enjoying the tail end of my sailboat cruise through the Adriatic. I LOVE Croatia, as it is both beautiful and relatively undiscovered in terms of American tourists. Our boat is surprisingly decent, and i got lucky enough to have a whole room to myself! I am rather enjoying my over the toilet showers and comfy bunk. Mornings are spent laying out on the deck, enjoying the phenomenal weather, reading, journaling, etc. Afternoons are spent in various cities (so far Hvar is my fave), evenings are spent wining, dining, and sometimes partying, and its pretty amazing. Our group is mostly Australian, and they are a fun bunch. The weather has been immensely kind considering its October and definitely the end of season here. I am loving loving loving it.

That being said, I cannot wait to get to Munich on Sunday morning and to venture into the holocaust museum, castles, etc. I will, of course, take a small part in Oktoberfest, but its definitely not my primary goal. Ill be back in London late Monday evening, and im a bit excited to check out classes on Tues. After much work and shopping my prison cell of a dorm room is finally shaping up to be something very Carolyn-esque indeed. (loads of colors, pink, patterns, shapes, candles, etc.) At first I wasnt the biggest fan of London, esp. since i had just come back from an incredible weekend in Paris, but it has definitely grown on me. Jenny and i inadvertently trekked through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park one afternoon, carrying loads of shopping bags. The park was beautiful, although we would like to experience it sans shopping bags next time.

I cant believe im actually in Europe, living the life, and experiencing it all. More to come soon, i promise. Ciao, darlings!

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April said...

hey...I stalked you from Kimberley Wilson's blog...I noticed that you are from Austin. Do you still live there? (or has the allure of Europe wooed away for good?)

I live in Austin, and would like to do that whole connection thing Ms. Wilson is always trying to sell to us...hahaha