Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's the Weekend, Baby!

Bonjour, mes amies!! I'm shocked at how early I was up this morning sans alarm (7:30!!). Then again, Lola's whimpering may have contributed to that. We've had a lovely morning complete with a successful tinkle outside and a not-quite-as-successful #2 in the kitchen. Nonetheless she is happily napping in her crate, and i am enjoying this gorgeous morning. Am tempted to take my bike out for an early morning ride before the traffic hits...

Last night i was social for the first time in awhile and attended a fun dinner @ Trudy's in honor of my dear friend Mike's girlfriend Bi's visit to town. It'd been such a long time since i'd seen some of those friends, so it was nice to reconnect. I even smuggled Lola in! P.S. Is that not the most darling picture of her ever to the right? Anyway, here are some pics from the evening along with a pic of Lola in her new very political tank top. What's on the menu for today? A dim sum brunch with my Medley loves and hopefully some serious work. Muah, darlings! Have a fantabulous Saturday!!

<3 C

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