Monday, April 21, 2008

Lola the Dogi

Lola received a lovely gift in the mail today... a rockin' Tranquil Space tee from her beloved Kimberly Wilson!! She decided to wear it for the return of Gossip Girl tonight and insisted that i put this leopard print bow in her hair as well. After all, isn't Kimberly always in black and leopard print? ;-)

P.S. Yes i realize that i'm one of those annoying people who talks about their dog nonstop.


Pink Heels said...

Our puppies need to get together with their Hip Tranquil Chick attire! Abbey LOVES her shirt too but REFUSES to wear any bows! : )

L. Kuah said...

this is tooo cute! <3 lola, <3 the tranquil space tee on lola (wish i could put them on my cats), <3 all your pics as well! keep them coming!!