Monday, April 7, 2008

Sleep Don't Weep

I am pooped! It's not that having a puppy (or at least my puppy) is that much work. But for some reason, I'm ready to sleep by 11 and still have difficulty staying out of bed at 8 a.m. Lola's an absolute doll and still doesn't whine or bark when she's crated at night. Last night she even slept through the whole night! Of course, when I took her out this morning she refused to go potty and then proceeded to go as soon as we got back inside, but you know... details. I have to remember that i've only had her for 4 days, and that the housetraining process is a slow one. I'm just afraid i'm gonna screw her up.

We had a lovely weekend together. She had beaucoup de visitors - Pony, her sis, and her yorkie Beau, Juddy, Sista, S, and even Life Coach stopped by to pay their respects. Even took her to my babysitting gig Friday night, and she was really good with the kiddies. She is wildly adored. Saturday night I dined with Devon and her chihuahua Snickers and Danny at Sabo, the new "Modern Mexican" restaurant in The Triangle. We sat on the patio, and Lola was an absolute doll! She just curled up right by my foot and slept. Not a single peep. Ditto last night when I took her to Quacks (illegally inside!) to study w/ Juddy. She whined a bit in the car but once we got inside she settled into the bag and was the cutest sleeping puppy ever. How did i get such a kickass puppy??

Alas now i am in class, and the poor doll is crated. She has a vet appointment today, and i hope all goes well. Can't believe it's already the second week of April. I have SO much to accomplish in the next 5 weeks, it makes me tired just thinking about it... Ah well, i should get back to paying attention. Enjoy these pics!

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