Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Can See The Light

Hello, dear friends! I'm happy to report that it's a GORGEOUS day in Austin. After yesterday's brutal humidity and heat, random rain and HAIL storm, today is much cooler, breezy, and sunny. Lovin' it! I've been up since 7 a.m. (went to bed at 10 p.m. last night - delish!) and have been busy doing laundry, hanging clothes to dry on the patio (seriously - way better than the dryer), and playing with my darling zoo. Also rode my bike to Bark N Purr to get the kitties some food (i promise i'm not starving them..). I love love LOVE my bike! Yesterday I biked to the Intramural tennis courts to play a set with my dearest M. Afterwards we biked to get snowcones, and then i biked home. What a fun workout! During our bike ride we decided to name our respective bicycles... hers is Anastasia and mine is Sylvie (French, but of course!). Anyway, buying Sylvie was the best idea ever.

This morning I also tackled a petit DIY project for my pink wall. Currently a collage of fun pictures, posters, frames, etc., I decided to put my new Alexander Henry fabric from Etsy to good use. I stretched it across a cheapie canvas (can be purchased at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.), busted out the staple gun, and voila! New art! Lovin' it. Plan to purchase an array of canvases of all diff. sizes and cover them with fun new Amy Butler fabric (yet to be purchased.. waiting on that tax refund!) and put them around my room. Project Anthropologize is well on its way!

Still have one more final tomorrow morning, but after that, i'M DONE. This week is full of doctor's appointments (for me and my animals), a delectable end-of-finals massage, and preparing for my family's arrival next weekend for.. GRADUATION!!! Who knew the day that i graduated from law school would actually arrive?? I'm also tres excited for Friday b/c Pony and I are going to have our own private Graduation Tea at Chez Carolyn, aka The Pink Palace, where we will be exchanging graduation gifts and probably just lovin' on each other. ;-) I can't WAIT to give her the gift on which i've been working the past week (ya know, instead of studying for finals). Yay the end is near!!!!!!!!

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