Monday, May 26, 2008

La Dolce Vita

Bonjour from the Big D! (that's Dallas for you non-Texans.) I've been really enjoying myself this weekend, pretending like i don't start BAR classes in just two days.. I drove in Friday night just in time for dinner w/ my darling M. We had sushi, hit up Kroger for some home decor mags and the 7-11 for some frozen treats, and then went home to tackle our biggest project yet - wallpapering. We (somehow) managed to successfully wallpaper one wall in her new (to her) bedroom, and it looks fantastic!! I wish i had a picture to post, but i'm sure i'll get one soon. Neither of us had ever wallpapered before, and we were pretty impressed with ourselves afterwards. It took a good 3 hours or so so afterwards we were pretty pooped. On Saturday i woke up early to take Lola out and soon discovered that another Maltese was going to be spending the day with us. Then i didn't feel quite so guilty leaving Lola at home with her new friend Macy while M and i hit up NorthPark (the most incredible mall ever). Spent that evening at home with the parentals in Rowlett. Sunday morning i had brunch with Devon and David (one of my fave married couples!) and their darling pups, then David babysat the kiddies while Devon and i went shopping (again at NorthPark!). From there i drove to Juddy's, visited with the Littleton clan, then we went to dinner at a very fun, very Austin-esque place called Obzeet. Lola promptly passed out under my chair while J and i enjoyed the live music, yummy food, and cold beers. It was one of those perfect summer days in TX - shopping, pool lounging, and patio dining. Yum. Oh AND we taught Lola how to "shake" with her paw!! I swear, she's the smartest, cutest, funnest puppy EVER.

Today i've been spending some quality time with my parents. Mom's a pro at her new computer and can now successfully send email to my sister and i. Made the mistake of showing her blog and am hoping she won't remember how to get back.. ;-) I'm leaving soon to head back to my beloved Austin, and truth be told, i am not excited about the drive. The lack of CD player really kills my buzz, but hopefully i'll stay awake with the help of NPR. Tomorrow i register for BARBRI and classes start on Wednesday. Oh ma vie...

Enjoy your summer, friends!

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