Thursday, May 1, 2008

1 Down.. 800 to go!

Just finished my first final this morning. It went tres well, if you ask me, especially considering my class attendance and prep work. Before the test, my dear friend Dara walked in, and we were both shocked to see each other (as she doesn't have the best class attendance either). After a quick, "you're in this class??", i found out later from another friend that one of her neighbors said, "well at least we'll do better than them..." H8ers!! They have no idea who they are messing with!!

Anyway, Lola is tres famous and has not only graced the Hip Tranquil Chick blog in the past month, but is also featured in the Tranquil Space Newsletter you can find here. I'm SO excited for Kimberly's move to a bigger & better location, and although i'm totally bummed about missing the grand opening soiree (it's on the day of my graduation), i'm definitely planning a trip to DC post-BAR trip to take a yoga class or two, sip tea @ the new Tea Bar, and of course, spend time with my #1 girl crush. :-) Hopefully I can bring Lola, and her and Louis (KW's adorable black pug) can get friendly!

Ok time for lunch (shrimp tacos from Sago) and some paper writing. Funner events for the day include an AABA (Asian-American Bar Association) Happy Hour at my mentor's house and dinner @ Stix Bistro with L & M. Have a good one, kids!

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Laura said...

Hey hey, it's your former WW BFF ... I just wanted to tell you that I have a black Pug named Louis as well. How cutie! :)