Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've said this all semester, and basically since i've been in London, i feel disconnected with my creative side. Sure i let a little bit play out while i was decorating the apartment, but as far as really digging deeper within myself, playing with my writing and reading my huge stack of self-help-esque books, i've done nada. I've gotten a little back into my journaling lately, which has been great. But tonight i found myself missing that side of myself, but the sad thing is, i wasn't sure how to get back to it. I immediately opened my iTunes and listened to one of my favorite HTC podcasts.. that definitely helped! I have since washed the dishes, cleaned up, brushed my teeth, and am now snuggled into my comfy bed with Lola, my macbook, my journal, and "The Artist's Way." Maybe it's foolish to think now is a good time to start my creative journey led by the one and only Julia Cameron, but eh, when is it ever the right time? My life from here on out will always be filled with oodles of work, commitments, meetings, and daily life-isms that i just can't get rid of. If i can't squeeze in an hour of creativity into my everyday life, how will i ever survive?

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Lipglossina said...

The beauty of the Artist's Way is that you can always come back to it. I have never had a life where I can work through the books consistently, but they are a part of my daily life in one way or another. And the other good news is that IMO life gets MUCH better post-law school (yes, I'm biased) :D Have you listed to Kim's podcast about the transition to the studio -- even she, the ultimate HTC, did not journal for 6 weeks. That made me feel vastly better to be honest.