Thursday, October 8, 2009

ACL Mudfest 2009

WARNING: This is going to be a loooong post w/ beaucoup de pics!

Austin is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World, and i'm truly starting to realize why. After 8 years of living in this gorgeous city, i finally went to Austin City Limits, a 3-day outdoor music festival with 8 stages and a crazy number of bands from the newbies to headliners like Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam. Do not ask me why i hadn't gone before as i am a HUGE music person - i honestly can't answer that question. BUT the point is i went this year, and i loved (almost) every second of it...


Friday was PERFECTION. The weather was gorgeous, not too hot and not too humid, and the new grass at Zilker Park felt like a fluffy bathmat under my bare feet. Love.

Here are some of the bands i checked out:

1. School of Seven Bells - I was completely unfamiliar with this fabulous trio, but i'm hooked. Gorgeous twin sisters with stunning harmonies and a cool edgy synthesize-y feel. New favorite.

2. Dr. Dog - Fun set, crazy songs! Probably not something i'd listen to on my ipod, but a fun performance fo sho.

3. Phoenix - We were pretty far away for this one, but i've been a Phoenix fan for awhile. A French pop-y rock-y band with the cutest lead singer ever! (Apparently he's also the father of Sofia Coppola's child!)

4. Thievery Corporation - LOOOOVE!! What a fun performance! This one included some wicked latin beats. So fun.

5. Andrew Bird - Augh SO good. This man is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard. Have been listening to his goodies for awhile now, and he did not disappoint. Highly recommend.

6. Kings of Leon - Meh. Unfortunately Kings has gotten so big that the crowd was insanity. They were good, of course, but I heard the Yeah yeah Yeahs were better (played at the same time). STILL, i'm thrilled i went to Kings b/c the COOLEST THING EVER happened to me - I was recognized by 2 blog readers!!! I am so unbelievably flattered and humbled. Marcy (sp?) and Cortney, you girls are the sweetest, and i'm SO glad we had a chance to meet. xoxo!

Other highlights from the day included: gorgeous skies, funny sex dolls, dear amies and running into the prettiest little gal ever (used to babysit her!).


Saturday looked tres different from Friday. Cloudy skies and oodles of rain, my friends. Austin did NOT know what to do. Ditching my boho look from the day before, i opted for what my friend described as "rain hooker" chic: black girly trench and hot pink rain boots! Still the music was sooo good...

1. !!! - Pronounced "chck chck chck!', this band was TOO fun. The lead singer was a dancing queen and got super involved with the crowd. If you get a chance to see them live, GO!

2. Grizzly Bear - I wasn't tres familiar with this band before, but i definitely am now. GORGEOUS and haunting harmonies between four talented men. Download asap.

3. Bon Iver - This was the point of the day i was getting a little crabby. I was wet. I lost my friend J. And the rain was coming down harder and harder... Luckily Bon Iver (pronounced & named after the French "bon hiver") is great rain music (the gorgeous depressing type).

4. Eek-A-Mouse - Highly entertaining reggae music and lots of "ganga" talk. Couldn't help but dance and sing along!

5. Devotcha - Incredible performance, insanely talented violinist, and a super fun surprise in the middle - a HOT dancer doing crazy things with 2 strips of fabric... hawwwwt. I mean...

6. Ghostland Observatory - Played at the same time as Dave Matthews Band. I've seen DMB twice in concert and really wasn't interested in seeing them again. Ghostland was SO FUN! Laser show, crazy dancing cowboy lead singer (from Austin!! used to be a paralegal), and so. much. dancing (kinda hard in rainboots, y'all!).

Btw, I am SO glad i didn't listen to my friend J and wear flip flops... My hot pink boots and matching socks did not disappoint!


I didn't go!!! I wax exhausted and honestly wasn't too interested in any of the bands. It didn't rain, but apparently the grounds were not pretty...

Wonderful 1st ACL experience. Will definitely be returning next year! I LOVE AUSTIN!!!


Bonjour Madame said...

Your boots are the best! It looks like a fun weekend.

naturally nina said...

wow girl, you're famous! how fun! :)

Pink Heels said...

I have three things to say...

1. I am going to this event next year.

2. I want your rainboots.

3. I want J wrapped up in a package and delivered to my house. : )

Naturally Jules said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic time (sans rain)! I definately will have to check out these bands! Thanks for sharing, and how fun...your famous!

City Girl said...

Love the boots, and looks like such a fun time!

MGS Fotografie said...

Hehe, good call on the rain boots! Tres cute! Your pics made me nostalgic...I haven't gone the last two years, but I've been 3x, the last time was when Bjork performed and that was THE TOPS.

So glad you had a great time! We'll definately come next year if the lineup is good :)

michele said...

Looks like a muddy and marvelous weekend! And your pink rain boots are adorable! Love them!! :) You are too cute, lady!

Melita said...

sounds like you had a fantastic time. love the pink boots :) so cool that you got recognized by some blog readers.

Vivian said...

I Love your hot pink boots!!In my blog i post my hot pink polka dots and choco boots!!!I love your style!!!xoxo