Saturday, October 24, 2009

Creative Genius

As far as the "creative" blogosphere goes, i tend to vacillate between the creative artist/writer/spiritualist types and the fashion/style/design types. Lately, I find myself leaning on the latter. NY and Paris Fashion Weeks have come and gone, and with the Austin air finally feeling a bit crisper, I can't help but indulge in the serious eye candy around the web.

One gal I can't get enough of is Kelly Framel - the creative goddess behind The Glamourai. Originally an Austinite (how cool is that?), this incredibly stylish gal now calls NYC her home (bien sur). From what i can tell, Kelly is a stylist, jewelry-maker, fashion blogger extraordinaire, and gets to go to all kinds of fun fashion shows/parties/events dressed in her finest garb. What i love most about Kelly is that she mixes one-of-a-kind vintage (with her own twists - ripping out coat linings and replacing them with new ones, chopping lengths and adding heavily bejeweled cuffs - LOVE that b/w striped affair below) with high AND low labels (she frequents Forever21 and H&M). (She also calls her outfits "costumes." Love.) On top of everything, she throws on piles of jewelry (comme moi), most of which she makes herself (pas comme moi). She's inspired me to learn how to sew (stitching apparently comes in handy if you're a fashionista, who knew?) and take a stab (no pun intended) at my own DIY's (like the crazy bib below... i'm obsessed). Hopefully those posts are soon to come, but for now, I leave you with this delectable eye candy...

(Oh yeah - it also doesn't hurt that she's not only talented, but absolutely stunning. Can we say girl crush?)


AnalieseMarie said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the eye candy.

Possum said...

Oooh yes we can say girl crush!! Stunning garments!
Reminds me of my previous life time as a fashion designer/manufacturer....sigh.
And of course you can learn to wield a needle!!
Bon Chance!

positively present said...


fresh365 said...

Love this! You always have the best finds!