Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Running 101 (and then some!)

{Image: Waitin' On A Sunny Day}

Hi, Friends!! I'm in a particularly perky mood for who knows what reason. Maybe it's because the sun is shining (altho it's a balmy 90+ degrees out - ICK) or because i've had a particularly successful day at work and am reminded of why i chose this firm (such good people). Or maybe it's just because i find myself with a petite pocket of time in which to blog a little note to you dear, sweet readers. Whatever it is, i'm taking full advantage and loving it. These super sparkly moods are rare these days!

Also wanted to let you know all about my Running 101 class. It's with a company called Rogue Running here in Austin, and I signed up for it through UT Informal Classes (also the avenue through which i took Bollywood Bhangra). We meet every Monday evening and Saturday morning for about 6 weeks. My first meeting was this past Monday, and i was tres nervous. Currently i am NOT a runner. I've only been a "runner" once in my life, and that was my senior year of college when i (somehow) got into it and started doing 5k's and then training for a half-marathon. About 7 miles in, i got injured and just gave it up (that kind of pain is miserable). And that was that. Have not seriously run since.

I didn't sign up for Running 101 to train for another race. No, i signed up because: (1) i heard great things about the program; (2) this program will teach you how to run sans injury; and (3) because i need some sort of forced exercise. To be perfectly honest (which, as you know, i tend to be on here), i was terrified that come Monday evening, i would be the fattest, slowest and most unfit person in the class. Nobody likes being last. Luckily i was not, and our group consists of women of all ages, sizes and shapes, and 1 lone dude. Most of Monday was intro: explanation of the class, discussion on right jogging bras and shoes, etc. When we finally went outside to "run," it consisted of a series of 20 second jogs then walks, which i happily did. :) Ended up running next to and chatting with a senior from college. Felt way old. Saturday morning is our "long run" of the week, and i'm nervous. Austin is HILLy, and i have no stamina. But i WILL go and i WILL persevere, my friends!

(Also? When discussing the importance of the right running shoes, the coach kept saying how important it is that we reserve our shoes for running and not brunching/running errands/etc. Um, i was like... wow i wouldn't be caught DEAD in running shoes when out to brunch or at Tarjay or basically doing any task that didn't involve exercise. No offense, y'all but... it just wouldn't happen.)

Ce soir I have a long meeting and then will probably crash. Ma Soeur and I stayed up on the phone last night until 2 A.M. discussing our San Francisco plans (more deets to come!) when i visit in November and... Chanel bags. Yes, we discussed Chanel bags for quite some time. Don't judge!
Must get back 2 work, but i want to hear how your day/week is going! Any fun plans for this evening?


Carolyn said...

Wow!! 90 degrees...CT is about 60 degrees today!! Good luck with the running I am sure that you will do beautifully! As far as the Chanel bags...they are a lifelong element in your wardrobe..I hope I did not open a can of worms! Hope the rest of your day is bright and sparkly!

xo Carolyn

Yogadiva said...

Very impressed! Running is something I have never gotten into. I have it in my head that I don't have the body for an endurance sport such as running. I so admire those who are willing to challenge themselves in that way!

Am a tad bit jealous of the weather you are having. We haven't had sunshine in days and it's a cold 45 degrees here!

take care,

Sarah said...

I hear ya about the running shoes! I have running shoes, in which I bought in a running store, was fitted for, and even ran on a treadmill in the store while trying them on. The good thing, they are used only for running...because they are too fugly for any non-workout clothes! Hahah, sorry New Balance, but my running shoes are not cute.

I'm super impressed by your motivation to take this class! Sounds great. Tomorrow I'm working on my own "back to running" numero dos. It consists of me on a treadmill in a gym. Have to work back up to my run/walks of 4 miles. *le sigh*

Good luck this Saturday Carolyn! I know you can kick butt, even with not so cute shoes!

Pink Heels said...

Congratulations! Even when we perceive or assume that the worse case scenario is going to happen, the reality always turns out to be A LOT better. It is hard but sometimes we need to simply focus on the truth of the situation instead of allowing ourselves to get caught up in the other "junk" that is cluttering our mind. : )

Possum said...

Oh hell I'm impressed/jealous about the running. Actually no...more about the San Fran trip. It was always on my "to-do" list and when I went there in April this year for my birthday it TOTALLY lived up to and well beyond my expectations!

Sallie Ann said...

Congrats on the running class. I think that is just great. I believe I told you, I downloaded the 0-5K running podcast, which I would totally recommend to anyone who is starting from 0. I started on my birthday, in March of this year, and am now running 4-5 miles, 3x/week. I still am teaching yoga and take my mat on the road during the week, but running helps me in so many ways, not least of which is to eat More Bakery cupcakes (or, as I call it, cup-crack).

So happy you're having a happy day.

Rachel said...

Good for you!! :) Enjoy that class :)

Melita said...

that is awesome! i look forward to hearing how your class goes.

kimberly wilson said...

yay for running! so therapeutic and meditative - once you get past that "i wanna go home and bake cookies instead" feeling. xoxo

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Glad to hear that your class is going well. So envious (I need the physio to clear me before I go out running again and it is such a great way to clear your head!).

You made me laugh about running shoes and running errands. My shoes are also for running only.... not really going out to restaurant footwear!