Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall 2009 Playlist

{photo credit; flickr}

Bonjour, my darlings! Unlike yesterday, today is absolutely gorgeous here in the ATX. Blue sunny skies and a high of 70 degrees - parfait! As is true with fashion, Fall is my favorite time of year to put together a fun annual playlist to rock out in my car (or office now) and to distribute to dear friends. Since I've gotten some questions from Twitter friends to share the playlist, I thought what better place to share than here!

(One more thing - While I have superb taste in music (like REAL music), I'm also one to appreciate the silly pop sensations that come along every now and then. I'm not ashamed to admit this. This Fall's playlist, in particular, has a lot of those poptastic goodies sprinkled throughout. If you are NOT a fan of such songs, I apologize, but this playlist = moi. So deal with it!!


1. Britney Spears - 3 (shake. your. booty!)

2. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Relator (check out the cute video here on Nina's blog) (p.s. the rest of the album rocks, too!)

3. Owl City - Fireflies (this is/was #1 on iTunes, and i totally get why. it's so catchy and so Fall-esque. his voice sorta reminds me of Ben Gibbard.)

4. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (hands down my favorite Gaga song - never gets old!)

5. Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester) (b/c who doesn't love Blair Waldorf?)

6. JoJo - Too Little Too Late (i don't know what it is about this song, but it makes me so so happy)

7. David Archuleta - Crush (total guilty pleasure)

8. Death Cab for Cutie - Meet Me On the Equinox (from the New Moon soundtrack, which is amazing btw)

9. John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (one of my favorite JM songs... so sad, SO good. i always tear up. too bad he sux now.)

10. Arcade Fire - Wake Up (you might recognize this beauty from the Where the Wild Things Are preview - i'm totally seeing this flick Thurs night!)

11. Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA (b/c i had to! it is my ringtone, after all)

12. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Gaga's latest - Perez Hilton is obsessed, and i think you should be, too.)


P.S. Damien Rice, if you are reading this, please PLEASE come out with a new album. You are the BEST Fall music... period. Oh and Lisa, I love your duets so feel free to jump in on that action.


Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

NICE list. I love damien rice, too...but him and lisa had a falling out so no more duets for them. :(

Pink Heels said...

Ok, it is official! You need to fill my ipod with playlists!!!

michele said...

Owl City is one of my recent faves too. The rest of that same album is equally fabulous!! (I had it on repeat all day at work! lol!)

Suz said...

GREAT Playlist! There were a few I didn't know that I am going to have to download tonight! Post these more often...I am always in need of a good mix for the gym!

Matt said...

Damien is recording right now. :)
I've heard some of his new songs.

You'll find one he performed recently at Trinity college.

I love the new stuff. He's 2 projects on the go.
One is his album and the other is an album with other artist and famous people who want to help environmental awareness.

Bonjour Madame said...

You are now my official link to modern music. I'm so out of it with new artists. I will check these out on itunes, thanks!

Rachel said...

So true. Damien Rice rocks my world.

positively present said...

Love ALL of these songs. Great playlist!

mollie mae said...

wonderful playlist!! I am obsessed!

kaileenelise said...
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kaileenelise said...

h! i am so excited to make this play list for my iphone... i am in serious need of a new one ;) thanks love! xo, kaileenelise

kylie said...

yummy yummy yummy...just broke the itunes ban for the pete yorn cd...ANND am contemplating buying the owl city. eek. i need good music to get me through the work day...that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it!!! <3