Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday! (sorta...)

(i die for Rachel's coat and Tay's boots)

Bonjour, mes amies! I just died after reading what my twitter friend just tweeted to me: "Lol I am so glad I took French in high school or I would have to translate half your tweets!" HA! Isn't that hilarious? Love that girl. Start a blog!!!

Anyway, i have a confession to make: it's not really a Happy Monday pour moi aujourd'hui. Truthfully it was a really, really rough weekend, and that inevitably leads to not-so-shiny Monday's. Nonetheless i am trying to keep a positive spin on things and as such, am following through on my Happy Monday lists.

Today we're going to do things a little bit differently. I'm in desperate need of light-hearted SILLINESS, and since today is the season finale (gasp, sob, tear) of The Rachel Zoe Project, my Happy Monday is devoted to her craziness.
Voila my "Happy Monday" list of my favorite "zoe-isms" that you have undoubtedly heard me use whether via twitter or in real life... Don't hate me.

1. "I DIE" - Hands down my favorite.

2. "OOC" - Out of control, first used in Didier Ludot vintage store in Paris (i die.)

3. "SO eiffel tired" - I mean... hilarious. Also first used in Paris (le duh) by one of my RZP faves - Joey Malouf.

4. "Shut up right now!" - Actually i've been using the whole "shut up" thing for awhile now, but adding the "right now" just puts a lovely Zoe twist on it!

5. "SO good" - Don't ask me how she coined this everyday phrase, but she did. So good. So so good.

6. "That is BANANAS!" - Admittedly i haven't integrated this one into my everyday vocab. I've never enjoyed bananas in a slang context... i didn't even like the Gwen Stefani song b/c of the use of the word "bananas!" Isn't that whack? Anyway, it's going in. Right after "I DIE."

7. "shut it down" - Also don't use this one... but i will.

8. "OMG" - i say this all the time, even pre-RZP. See? We're totally besties. Watch this video - so funny.

D'accord! C'est tout! I know you want to die (and not in the good RZ way!) But if you adore RZ as much as i do, then you will love this interview . Omg if only i could interview her... I would literally die. LITERALLY!!! That's another one!! Okay okay. Shutting up now. :X
Oh and check out this funny video of "zoeisms." Soooo gooood. ;-)

Ok i'm done. Happy Monday, y'all!


shannon said...

i totally hear you about rachel zoe speak. "so eiffel tired" totally cracks me up! i'm watching the paris episode right now and my heart almost stopped when they were in coco's apartment. clearly, i'm in the wrong profession!

Rachel said...

Lady, you ROCK! I was having a semi-craptastic monday too, but your blog makes me smile. True story.

Sallie Ann said...

I really love her too. But I have to admit, sometimes her expressions bug me. I do think she's actually a really talented and smart person with a lot of tallent. I typically can't stand reality shows, but adore this one.

Now, as for you, be happy, you wonderful girl! You put so much good stuff out there. Don't know the particulars of your weekend, but my thought is, bubble baths always help, and LUSH is just the place for goodies for that.

Nameste, Cutie!

Bonjour Madame said...

I watched the finale last night. Not as good as the Paris episode but really how could you compare the two. I hope they make Paris a regular episode!

Melita said...

lol - good post!

kaileenelise said...

this is a great post. i think you should do a follow-up with your fav rz pics. this one of her & tay is great. xo, kaileenelise

Sarah said...

Monday was craptastic as well for me too! Seemed like the longest day of my life...I was dying, but not in a good way. I was thrilled to end it with the finale of RZP, though I'm sad to see it good. So long of a wait before the next season.

Mindy said...

Love this post! You are absolutely hilarious Carolyn!


Globetrotting Cacti said...

Your post made me chuckle. I watched season 1 just after the babies were born and loved it. No sign of season 2 airing yet over here.