Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

First, MERCI BEAUCOUP for all the wonderful feedback on the last post. I definitely hesitated before hitting "Publish Post," but I'm so glad I did. xoxo

My weekend involved beaucoup sleeping, but here were a few highlights...

*RUNNING 101: I made it to our Saturday meeting! Despite a late Friday night bedtime, I somehow dragged myself out of bed to meet my group, and I'm *SO* glad I did. Saturday mornings are our long runs, and while this one was only about 28 minutes, it was so good to be out and running outside (i normally do treadmill), and it felt so easy doing it with a bunch of other peeps! I also chatted with this fab girl who moved to Austin a year ago from NYC and who writes for ALLURE magazine - so fun!

*COCO AVANT CHANEL: Tried to go see this on Saturday, but slept instead. Oops! Made some time on Sunday before my Pink Heels session, and I even got dressed up for it. Seriously! I put on my black lace Anthro skirt, black top, menswear inspired vest, and strands and strands of pearls. In an ideal world I would've carried my Chanel 2.55 bag, but since I'm still sans Chanel, I made do. ;-) The movie is a delight. It's very much a love story (very moving and sad... I def. cried), and Audrey Tatou is incredible (as always). It's not as fashion-focused as I had hoped, but I still loved it.

*PINK HEELS: Had a wonderful session with Jennifer last night and experienced a very unexpected A-HA! moment. It was incredible! J said she felt like a proud mama. ;) It definitely helped me get up and get to work this morning with a (somewhat) positive attitude - yay! As I mentioned before, Jenn is coming to visit moi in Austin the first wknd in November, and i cannot WAIT! She already has a "project" lined up for us. Apparently I need to get a cheap full-length mirror, several sheets of posterboard, and magazines. Hmm... I'm scared.

What were the highlights of your weekend?


Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Congrats on the Saturday morning runs!

~ Maranda @ {Evoked} ~ said...

How fun! Exercise and interesting company, throw a latte in there and you have the perfect trio! lol

The highlight of my week was spending a few days with my little sister who came with me to the weddings I shot this weekend. It is fun to watch her grow into her own little lady. I was just telling my hubby that she was one of the high points for me this weekend.

Great post! Cheers!