Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy(?) Memorial Day

I dedicated my yoga practice this morning to the soldiers of this country. In some ways, I am proud to be an American, despite my many endless complaints about the way in which we live. But I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness and hopelessness about the troops in Iraq. No this isn't going to be a huge political, Bush-bashing, anti-war entry. I just want to send my love/support/sympathy/strength to those in Iraq and their families. I can't even imagine, and i thank God that i don't have to.

This morning's vinyasa class featured a guest teacher from Dallas who has her own studio on Oak Lawn. It was a great class - full of energy and breath and lots and lots of sweat. I really liked her teaching style and plan to visit her studio when i'm in Dallas.

BTW, what is it about yogis and tattoos? Two of the girls in this morning's class had full-back tattoos and one of them, who is also a teacher at the studio, just got hers. First off, OWWWWW. Second, is there some connection that i'm missing? I bet there is, and i should probably just google it, but it's so much easier to just ask. I do enough research at my job. :-)

Thank goodness the rain has died down, at least for now. I literally waded in a pool of water to my car this morning. (This is a terrible parking lot, poor L.C.) I have officially moved all of my valuables out of the Mansion, but i still have loads of stuff there that need to go to Goodwill, so that's my plan for later today. Hard to believe this lovely holiday weekend is almost over... Today will be lovely - mani/pedi, dinner with a friend, and getting ready for another work week.

OH! I finished Come Back this morning, SUCH a good book. Kind of unbelievable that it's not fiction. I really want my mom to read it, but it might be a bit much for her. Still i can't help but show her and be like, "SEE!!! This is mother/daughter relationship. You don't have it NEARLY this bad!! I'm a good kid - see see SEE!!! Love me. Things could be worse, and i'm glad they're not. Love me unconditionally. Don't give up on me!" But... she already knows that, i'm sure.

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