Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sucks To Be Me

1 more final and a seminar paper... the end is near!! That being said, it really does suck to be me right now. Everyone else is all kinds of finished! AND while most people will be enjoying a petit break between school and work, i sadly will not be... It's off to work at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, May 14th for me. Oh well, c'est la vie. At least Mom and Jenn are coming on Saturday night for Mother's Day festivities! I am beyond excited about all that we have planned. My plan is to finish and turn in my seminar paper on Friday night (post Employment Discrimination exam - yech) so that i can spend all day on Saturday preparing for their arrival. That means an intense and thorough cleaning of our somewhat disgusting excuse for a house, giving Puffin a bath (not looking forward to this one), buying fresh flowers and plenty of coffee for Mommy, washing extra sheets and blankets, hiding all my um... not-Mom-friendly items, and of course, putting together their delicious surprises. Yay!

They'll be arriving late Saturday night so i'll prepare a petit snack for them since they'll probably be eating a crap dinner on the road. We'll be spending Sunday morning @ Viva Day Spa enjoying the following:

Spring Fling Spa Package- Start out by detoxifying in our Infrared Sauna and feel your tensions melt away- Using a dry brush, the body is exfoliated to increase circulation and lymphatic flow- Next, a One Hour Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy - Hot Herbal Steam Towels are applied on the body throughout the massage- Receive a stimulating express Foot Reflexology treatment to clear any energy blockages- Followed by a Lavender Body Wrap to calm the skin and senses- While wrapped, Cool Cucumbers are placed on the eyes while your scalp is gently massaged- Next receive a tingling Rosemary/Mint Scalp Treatment to relieve stress and hydrate the skin- Ending with hot Jasmine Tea

Then we'll probably have a nice light and healthy lunch (any suggestions?), and then head up to The Domain so that we can buy Mommy her present - a gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag that you can see here I realize it's un peu expensive, but it is beautiful, and my mommy deserves it!! Then it's church at 5 p.m., a 6:30 dinner @ Vespaio, then spending quality mother-daughter time and getting me ready for work! Monday is work then an early dinner @ Uchi before saying goodbye. :-(

OMG just got FANTASTIC NEWS!!! My friend Mili (actually my sister's friend from college, also a bridesmaid, and i LOVE HER!!) just told me that she got a job as the New Products Manager @ LOUIS VUITTON!!!!!!!! I mean... no words can describe how i feel right now. Her office is right next to the flagship store on 5th avenue too. I am definitely planning a visit. :-) CONGRATULATIONS, MILI!!!

Oooh so Damien Rice was fabulous in every way possible. He sounds even better live than on CD, and very few artists can pull that off. The concert was harder than i expected, and surprisingly, i totally dug it! Amazing lights as well. He opened with 9 Crimes on the piano (missed Lisa sniff), did a piano version of the "Fuck You" song which was incredible, sang Cannonball acoustic and w/o the mic, and ended drinking a glass of wine and singing/acting out "Cheers, Darlin." Fantastic fantastic show, and i can't think of better people with which to spend such an evening. He's on the list for ACL 2007 so buy your tickets now if you've never seen him live.

P.S. Was tres tempted to buy a t-shirt b/c they were ridiculously cute, but i'm proud to say that i decided against that $30 expenditure b/c let's be honest, i never wear t-shirts. Yay for restraint.

P.P.S. Look at this tragic story about how two vegan parents were sentenced to life in prison for starving their baby. :-( It's people like that who give vegans a bad name. Poor child...

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