Monday, May 21, 2007


Overall, i would have to say that life is pretty good right now. I'm in my second week of work and still enjoying it, which is a good sign. My office feels more and more like home now that it's got some character. Framed pics of my family and Puffin, lavender scents, and colorful pens. (Don't hate - the firm's the one who gave me the colorful pens!) The other 2 clerks started today, and they both seem kind. It's nice to be the only girl because i get assigned all the girly projects, i.e. the salon.

I've finally moved out of the Mansion although there is still much to be done. Most of my clothes and shoes are still there, but slowly and surely i have been moving more every night. It's the only exercise i've been able to do for the past couple of weeks so i can't complain. Am hoping to make it to 6:30 vinyasa tomorrow night as i have not been to yoga in what feels like decades. I hope it doesn't kill me. Actually i kind of hope it does. Life coach's place feels more and more like home, although it's probably just because i keep adding more and more pink and Hello Kitty. What can i say? It has to feel like me. :-)

The bed and its new lavender-scented sheets are calling my name. Goodnight, my darlings.

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