Saturday, May 5, 2007

Remember When

Remember when you were a kid? Fearless, flexible, and totally fine with taking a fall? I used to be a balance and monkey bar whiz, spent every recess period twisting and hanging and balancing. I was also an expert cartwheeler, backbender, etc. What happened? Age. School. Weight. Blech.

Today I attended my first yoga workshop: Detox & Recharge with Hannah Emlen at Castle Hill Fitness. It was 2.5 hours and yes, quite detox-y. At one point we were instructed to do a series of handstands. Um... handstands? Are you sure you don't mean... headstands? Cause i mean, i've been practicing those! I can headstand against the wall all DAY, woman, but i have yet to try a handstand. Well, it can't be that hard right? I pulled my yoga mat towards the wall, asked for a little assistance, and then proceeded to kick up. Um... handstands are hard. They are nothing like headstands, and they realllllly make you realize just how pathetically weak your upper body is (in my case, at least). So i had to modify - turn around place hands on ground and walk feet up the mirror. Even that wasn't as easy as i'd hoped. Blah, yoga's hard.

After the workshop i felt light-headed and starving so i hurried over to Whole Foods, bought about $15 worth of salad bar and a huge liter of water, and went home to eat, shower, and recover. My nausea took awhile to subside, and i became increasingly exhausted so a short (ok, long) nap was in order. So now that i've spent all day sleeping, yoga-ing, then sleeping again, i am trying my hardest to get at least a few hours of interrupted studying (aside from this blog entry, of course) in. I have no doubt that falling asleep tonight will be a breeze.. for some reason, my body wants nothing but yoga and sleep. Pas bien for the student...
P.S. To the anonymous commentor - i have seen that Hello Kitty laptop deliciousness! But yes, it is un peu extreme, and i haven't the time or energy to devote to such a project. Sigh.

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