Monday, June 2, 2008

Grateful Diary

In the midst of all this chaos, i'd like to take a moment and just say that today i am grateful for...

1. NPR, particularly All Things Considered,

2. The Whole Foods paradise in Austin on South Lamar. It might be the happiest place on earth,

3. My Mommy and her cute daily emails (she just learned how to use the internet!),

4. My little zoo - Puffin, Muffin, and my darling pup Lola,

5. Loooooong summer days in TX, when the sun doesn't go down until 9 p.m.,

6. Fromage d'affinois - creamy, delicious, and the perfect lazy appetizer (available at Whole Foods, Central Market, and Wheatsville Coop!),

7. Yoga for the sake of yoga (aka not of that Bikram, hot yoga, "i'm doing this to burn 800 calories" yoga),

8. The fact i can (or at least i think i can) pull off hot pink highlights in my hair,

9. Iced coffee,

10. And last but not least, Kimberly Wilson. I wouldn't be where i am or who i am had i not stumbled across her blog, Hip Tranquil Chick, a year and a half ago.

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