Sunday, June 1, 2008

SATC: The Movie and The End of Fun

Those two don't go together btw... SATC: The Movie was fabulous in EVERY way. I've read of those harsh reviews (hello NYTimes? Ouch!), but if you were a fan of the show, then you will be a fan of the movie. There's no doubt about it. I won't say anymore as i know many have not seen it yet, but if you have, please let me know what you thought.

On a much more depressing note, this weekend marks the end of fun pour moi. In the next three weeks i not only have Barbri classes six days a week, i also have Barbri homework, another independent class at the school, and a 20-page paper to write. Don't ask me how i got myself into this pickle - basically withdrawing for a semester and attempting to take the July BAR have all led to me this ridiculous summer of no fun. Who knew that i'd be busier post-graduation?? The thing is, i can't blow off studying for the BAR. This is, essentially, the next 5 or so years of my life, and that means i've got to buckle down and deliver. Sigh. There's just no way around it.

Saying NO to fun is not going to be easy for me. But the truth of the matter is, i just have no time. Adding to that list of things above, i've got gym and personal training appointments (absolutely necessary for my health and my stress), and i'm embarking on an Online Creativity Course via Kimberly Wilson in which i will go through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (FINALLY!). If my sister is reading this i know just what she's thinking. "Are you crazy? You don't have TIME for that, Carolyn, you have to STUDY FOR THE BAR." But here's my reality - if i don't do something like this alongside my rigorous study of the law, then i will not only lose my sanity, but get burnt out in NO time. My left brain activity needs a right brain balance, and this is how i intend to do it. Plus in my opinion, embarking on my journey as an "artist" is much more preferable to doing what everyone else my age probably does to let loose - get wasted at bars. And it saves my brain cells (which i so desperately need!).

On another note, seeing SATC reminded me of the power of good girlfriends, and it also saddened me a bit. I'm going through a difficult time in which i see a dear amie in what i consider a toxic relationship. We've all been there, right? The hardest part is seeing how it's affected and is affecting our relationship. I know that's life, and i know i've been there, done that, etc. Instead of getting too sad, or frustrated, or let's be honest, pissy about it, i've decided that life is short and my time is WAY too valuable. As you've read, i've got a loooot of stuff going on right now. So i've made up my mind to be at peace (this does not = acceptance at all) and get on with my life. Whatever happens happens for a reason, and friendships experience the natural ebb and flow of all relationships. C'est vrai, oui?

Gotta hit the sack for a LONG week ahead. Bonsoir, my darlings.

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