Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today was awful, literally awful. But i survived and don't have it do it again (a double Saturday, that is) for a very long time. What a busy day... got home with just enough time to watch Lola VERY deliberately pee under my bed (in my CARPETED bedroom - ew don't you just HATE carpet?), scream and then clean it, shower, take a quick and unfulfilling nap, and then get ready to head downtown for drinks @ 219 West for my darling J's birthday. A few mini corndogs, some french fries, 2 bites of german chocolate cheesecake, and 1 mango mohito later (wow that sounds like a lot more food than it was..) i sang some happy birthday, posed for some pics, and was on my way back home. It's not even midnight, and i'm close to death. Tomorrow is my ONE day off, but it's already packed. Meeting Deb (my kickass trainer!) for yoga in the morning, then need to do some cleaning and studying, then babysitting my fave Murphy kids and getting in some more studying after putting them to bed, then home... then wake up for another Monday morning. Le Sigh.

But my darling Lola, my poor sweet Lola who spent most of today alone was so good (despite the aforementioned tinkle accident). She's been such a doll lately and pretty well-behaved despite being only 4 months old.

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The Paris Apartment said...

oooohhh she's sooooo cute! I bet you're a great mama for that little angel!