Friday, August 29, 2008

Au Revoir, Paris

This is my last night in Paris, and as always, it's bittersweet. On the one hand i can't wait to get to London. I never thought i'd utter such words, but the reality is, i adored living in London, and revisiting a place you once lived is totally different than just vacationing there. So i'm tres excited for a proper afternoon tea, for getting lost in Harrods again and again, for crazed shopping trips to TopShop, and for the smug satisfaction of knowing that no matter what happens in London, it'll be okay. Because i LIVED there, yo. So it's like, a home away from home. (Oh and um.. they speak English.) On the other hand, it's sad to leave my beloved Paris because i love it and i don't know when i'll be returning. This trip has been tres laid back - lots of walking around, popping into random shops, dining out at a bistro or just picking up Moroccan food from the market and enjoying it later, with a bottle of wine, in our apartment. Today was the ultimate indulgence - an afternoon at Laduree. We decided to visit the newest Saint German location and happily found ourselves a cozy corner banquette table. And there we sat for the next three hours... ordered salad and sandwiches, a fabulous puff pastry cream filled, strawberry glazed, pistachio delight of a dessert, and sipped tea (she got the Laduree Melange, i got the Marie Antoinette). We watched as diners next to us came and went. We got excellent service, which was a nice change from our terrible first night experience in Nice. It was lovely. When we finally pulled ourselves away we bought some tea to go and then slowly made our way back home.

Now we're in the park, M's reading, and i'm happy to be connected once again. Ping pongers are going at it in front of us, and there are even a few practicing Tai Chi on the grassy patch behind. It's a cool evening, and pretty sure M and i will probably be too cold to be sitting out here in our short sundresses. We've had a lovely visit here in Paris. And just so you don't think we were completely worthless, yesterday we visited the Musee d'Arts Decoratifs (museum of decorative objects, aka interior design of sorts), and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow we take the chunnel to London! There are a couple of rainy days in the forecast (shocker), but i'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather all around. Bonsoir!

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City Girl said...

Oooh -- Laduree -- I wish they would open a branch in New York, but despite lots of rumors, it has not happened yet. In the meantime, I will console myself with the macarons from Bouchon in the TWC (though I do have to go check out the new Macaron Cafe near Penn Station at some point). Safe travels to London and enjoy yourself :D