Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bienvenue a Paris!

Hello dear friends, i've safely made it to my favorite city in the world - Paris! (P.S. M says hi... she's sitting next to me and asked, "Are you BLOGGING?? Tell them i say hi!") We had quite a morning/afternoon, which included forgetting train tickets at the hotel in Nice (when we were already in the cab on the way to the Gare) and leaving a wallet in the cab in Paris. And by "we" i mean M, hahaha. But it's all good now, as we've made it to Paris, have found our way to the petit apartment in the Marais in which we are staying, and have backup means of payment. Right now we are taking advantage of the free Paris wifi in the park across the street from our apartment (don't get the wifi IN the apt - damn!) and just made reservations for dinner tonight at a bistro in the 11th recommended by Clotilde Desoulier. I'm not one for Parisien food, but here's to hoping. ;-)

Hope to blog more, but you know how Paris is... We spent three nights here and then are off to London on Saturday. Whee!!

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