Friday, August 15, 2008

Craft o Rama!!

Bonjour again, mes amies. I'm currently sitting at a fab little coffeeshop on south 1st called Summer Moon. I was introduced to this lil joint by my dear friend Judd (who has since left me for a kickass clerkship in D.C. - h8er!). I've had a lovely, Austin day, my favorite type.

Darling M woke me up with a phone call with some potentially great news. Turns out her boyfriend's friend from college, whose family is ridiculously wealthy, might let us crash at his oh so fab Saint Tropez family compound during our stay! This would cancel our hotel stay in Cannes, and i'd be um, perfectly fine with that. So keep your fingers crossed!

After that bit of good news and a "i can't believe we're going to France soon!!" phone call w/ M, i hung up and got dressed in my yoga togs for a noon power flow class at Breath and Body. What a great class! I forgot just how much i swear in a heated flow class, and even though it was only an hour, oh Lord, i was feeling quite nauseous by the end of it. Note to self: drink more H20. She ended the class by laying an icy colf, lavender-infused washcloth on my eyes/forehead while i was in savasana, and it couldn't have been more heavenly. I really love yoga studios who add that extra touch. Kimberly Wilson, for example, always ends her classes with some lavender aromatherapy spray (also while in savasana), and i just love it. After yoga i got showered and dressed and ready to spend my afternoon on an "artist date". There's a store on South Congress called Craft o Rama that i've driven past and been meaning to stop in. After some googling i discovered that it's a fabric/sewing/knitting shop. AND they carry Amy Butler! PARFAIT! Sadly their Amy Butler stock was limited but the place was just darling, and i'm definitely planning on taking a Sewing 101 class in September and a knitting class in the fall. I've been wanting to learn how to sew and knit for so long, and it seems like the perfect environment in which to try! I may be a domestic goddess in other aspects (cooking, cleaning, etc) but i have a feeling sewing/knitting might be a bit trickier pour moi. Still what a fun new skill to acquire, n'est-ce pas?

After hitting a couple more shops on South Congress (and scoring a FAB maxi dress at a fun new shop on SoCo, perfect for lounging in fabulous Cannes or Saint Tropez), i decided it was time for an iced soy latte and some computer/journal time. Happy day, eh? It's times like these that i wish i lived in South Austin. The vibe is just so cool and laid back and so... Austin. How great would it be to just wake up, walk down the street to Jo's and grab coffee and a croissant? Or brunch at SoCo Cafe? I love the Triangle and all its amenities, but they really should've done a better job at their restaurant selections. Love Flipnotics, my local (ok - more like 10 steps away from my patio!) coffeeshop and i love the breakfast migas at Galaxy Cafe, but the rest of the food is mediocre at best. Which Wich? Fish City Grill? (ICK) I want more Austin favor, independent mom and pop sandwich shops and such. I can't help but think that i live in one of the most Dallas-y residential neighborhoods of Austin, and didn't i want to get away from everything Dallas? I digress, but you get my drift. I'm definitely going to be considering another 'hood for my future home.

Tonight i am dining with a dear old friend from college who also just graduated from law school (U-Penn) and who i'm also visiting in DC in September. We're going to one of my Austin faves - El Chile Cantina - in east Austin (another potential future neighborhood..?). YuM! Until then i plan to chill out here and maybe make a pit stop at Whole Foods to buy some nontoxic sunblock for my trip. YAY FRANCE HERE I COME!! (Too bad my French has gone completely out the window... stupid bar exam!)

Bon weekend!

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