Wednesday, November 18, 2009

California Here We Come

Remember that Phantom Planet song? We've been on the run, driving in the sun, lookin' out for number 1, California here we come, right back where we started from... It was the theme song for the OC (ahh i still remember when that show was good...). Anyway, what happened to Phantom Planet?? They were pretty good.

ANYway before I go down that tangent, I am savoring this down time before yet another meeting, I wanted to share some highlights from my trip. Vacations are even more rare now that I'm working full-time, so each minute was jam packed with sisterly goodness. :)


Dinner Friday night @ Joya - a hip and happening tapas restaurant in downtown Palo Alto
I had my FAVE dessert there - chocolate lava cake a la mode (their vanilla was spiked with thyme - surprisingly delicious!) Also? Their mango mojitos are amazing.

Afternoon tea at the MOST DARLING tea place - Crown & Crumpet Tea Room. Seriously, if you find yourself in San Francisco, make a reservation immediately! As you can tell from the pics, it's eye candy deluxe. And the scones were delish!

Dinner in San Francisco at Town Hall, one of my fave SF joints. Cozy, unpretentious, and serves up jazzed up comfort food like buttermilk battered fried chicken, smashed potatoes and collard greens. (P.S. Isn't my sister's limited edition Unicef Gucci Indy bag FANTASTIC??)

That's all for now. Blogger doesn't seem to want me to upload anymore pics!
Hmm i wonder why...
Part Deux coming soon!!


MGS Photography said...

Flippin' love your combo of black lace/pink tulle...

Also I wish I had known about that tea house in July!!! Sooo cute!!!

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a great time!

iheartkiwi said...

that tea party is pretty much every little girl's (and big girl's too who are we kidding) dream come true!

i'm totally hankering for a trip to the west coast now!

kylie grethen said...

omg you are soo stinking cute. that tea room looks sooo the quote about the best sweetener for!!

Revisionista said...

love the pics. you & your soeur have such great hair!! ;) gorgeous!

Rachel said...

lady your pictures are gorgeous! looks like you've had quite the mini vacay!

Micaela said...

i wanna have tea with you!

and you are GORGEOUS!

i wish i could pull off bangs.