Monday, November 9, 2009


From le blog:

"PARISIENNE is the essence of a woman who knows how to love and how to live. At the heart of YSL’s DNA is the empowerment of women, and true to this we believe that any woman, anywhere, can adopt the values of being a PARISIENNE. To celebrate the launch of PARISIENNE, and to encourage women to find their “inner PARISIENNE”, we have created, where the essence of a woman and her PARISIENNE experience is shared with other women.

In this spirit, YSL is sending five renowned bloggers on a journey around the country to discover and reveal their very own PARISIENNE experiences in New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Yves Saint Laurent has chosen an ensemble of women with passions for beauty, art, design, music, fashion and food to create a travel diary of their trip. Stay tuned here to read articles, see photos and follow the women on their journey"

How fun is that?? The first post I stumbled across involved a delicious mini French picnic on... an airplane! That's right!! Personally, I abhor flying, especially now that I am forced to take off my shoes (even flip-flops!) at security. Ew. Also? I get uber motion sickness-y and usually have to down several dramamine which make me pass out as soon as i get on the plane (not a bad thing). Anyway, most of all, i hate the food. I hate airplane food and I have airport food (although Austin-Bergstrom has some pretty decent local options). In honor of Julia Child and PARISIENNE, perhaps I'll whip myself a delicious snack to take on the plane? PB + honey? Baguette + goat cheese? What do you eat on airplanes?

{Image from Experience PARISIENNE}


Carolyn said...

Funny you should ask that...I am traveling via air in a couple of days and have been thinking of some treats to bring along..perhaps some goat cheese or brie and a baguette with some yummy chocolate :-)

Elizabeth said...

I never eat on airplanes. I try to sleep through my flights...and the puny bags of pretzels they're passing out these days.

AnalieseMarie said...

A good snack definitely helps quell the stress of travel. I like to bring Ziploc bags of grapes or strawberries, almonds, and chocolate or some crackers and cubes of cheese.

City Girl said...

How fun. I never eat plane food - always pack something to take with me, which has evolved over the years. I often did baguette and cheese when I traveled before, and crudites. The one downside to plan baguette is crumbs which can get annoying. Now I am a huge fan of tortillas with homemade hummus for travel. The key is to put the hummus in the tortilla, because otherwise it can get problematic when they check liquids. I also always have raw almonds on hand.

Bonjour Madame said...

This is a great idea for a longer flight. If it's short I'll just have something to drink and not eat. You would be the envy of everyone on the plane!

Cathi said...

I usually have cheese and crackers and fresh fruit and a cookie or some dark chocolate. I wish I could sleep on a plane...maybe I'll try the dramamine next time..:)

Chelsa Bea said...

Fabulous post. I just love this. And thanks for introducing me to the YSL blog. J'adore.

I haven't eaten this way on a plane before, but will definitely be utilizing it on my next trip in two weeks. However, I eat this way on a regular basis, often for lunch at work and dinner. Fiance and I call it "Euro Dinner" or "Euro Lunch". Just bread, cheese, usually salami and so fruit. For dinner, we usually include wine. Fabulous, just fabulous.