Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon: A Review

Last night I went to my first midnight showing, and it was worth every painful, uncomfortable second of sitting on hard (and probably filthy) concrete with a bunch of other Twilight freaks. Voila my petite review of the epic NEW MOON!


1. Better overall aesthetic – Although I absolutely adored the original Twilight, you could tell it was made with a tres limited budget. Things just weren’t as polished as you’d expect a sci-fi romance to be. All that changed with New Moon (as it should’ve – hello big bucks!). The movie was executed much smoother, and the special effects (aka BADASS WEREWOLVES TO BE DISCUSSED BELOW) were fantastic.

2. Better Bella? It pains me to say this b/c I absolutely abhor Kristen Stewart as an actress and person overall, and she was GOD AWFUL in the original Twilight (that scene in the hospital bed??? you’ve got to be kidding me). But. She was actually better in New Moon, and I didn’t want to smack her every 5 minutes like I did with Twilight. Her lack of tears still upset me (hello, Bella in the book = a big hot mess when Edward dumps her), but overall, she was much more bearable. (She’s also thinner and prettier in New Moon. Damn you, Hollywood!)

3. Hello, Jacob – So, I am mature enough to admit that Twilight was a pretty awful movie in many respects. Nonetheless I saw it a total of SEVEN (yes, seven!) times in the theater. Pourquoi? Because of Edward Cullen. Because of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Because he was absolute perfection in that role. Fast forward to New Moon. I had my fears that Edward wasn’t looking as suave/gorgeous in this one based on trailers and pics I had seen, but wow, he really disappointed moi. His hair isn’t as big (makes a huge difference), and he looks… older. Almost wrinkly. And the color of his skin is different, too. I was not a fan. JACOB, on the other hand? Holy. Cow. I feel like such a pedophile for saying this (ya know, b/c he’s like 12), but good god that boy has a bangin’ body. Body + tan + short haircut + adorable sweetness? I found myself beyond conflicted by the end of the film. Team Edward or Team Jacob? I just don’t know.

4. WEREWOLVES!!! By far, my FAVORITE part of the movie was the werewolves. First, they were freaking terrifying (AND GINORMOUS). Second, they were just so badass! I felt myself loving the werewolves more than the vampires (which SO did not happen when I read the book). Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the cast of werewolves when they are human (with the exception of Jacob) better than the vamps, but as werewolves, they are incredible. I want one!!

5. Le Book – New Moon, like Twilight, stayed true to the book which is exactly what Twilight fans want.

6. Music – Wowza, this soundtrack is incredible. Death Cab, Thom Yorke, Anya Marina, Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Grizzly Bear… So. Freaking. Good. Download immediately.


1. Not-as-hot Edward – See #3 above. Also? He looks gross sans shirt.

2. The ending – The ending was meh. The ending of Twilight? Phenom. That scene in the gazebo with bazillions of twinkle lights and Iron & Wine’s Flightless Bird, American Mouth (best song EVER) playing, and Edward’s big hair, square jaw, and luscious lips?? Heavenly. This ending? Sort of lame, but I guess, to be expected.

As you can tell, I don’t have many complaints. I loved the movie. I can’t wait for Eclipse as there is more action between vampire and werewolf. Most of the complaints of New Moon that I’ve seen is that there was no chemistry between Bella and Jacob and that it was corny. First, the chemistry is completely diff. from Bella and Edward b/c that’s the way it’s supposed to be. She sees him as a friend. Their almost-kissing scenes are not supposed to be as sexually charged as those with Edward. Duh. Second, the books are corny so it naturally follows that the movies will be. Deal with it.

Aaaand… because I can’t help myself. Here’s some eye candy!

P.S. My Twilight buddy (who will remain anonymous b/c she is beyond embarassed about her obsession whereas i broadcast it to the world) and I are definitely getting together tonight to watch the original Twilight. Uh huh!


Micaela said...

so glad to meet you! :) you are so cute and your review? le review was DEAD ON!

i noticed edward's skin was different but he was STILL OH SO HOTT. but jacob... oh i felt for him. it's like life though, the nice guy... he always finishes last sometimes :(

but he was gorgeous for sure in this one.

and UGH, I know about Kristin S. - i noticed she was a lot prettier and i hated to think it was because she was thinner because hello, she is a stick to begin with. Her hair was much prettier too- longer and lighter.



Micaela said...

ps. that last picture... MAGICAL.

Carolyn said...

My Niece saw it tonight and loved it!!She is so Team Edward! I am too he is so handsome and charming. I am glad that you enjoyed!! xoxo Carolyn

kylie grethen said...

as if we haven't already discussed it enough know i have to leave a comment! i agree with everything you said...BUT i kind of liked the ending mainly because both times i have seen it everyone was like ooooohhhh myyyyyy gaaaah and i think it's hilarious lol! it leaves me dying for the next one!!!

S said...

Love your review. I agree with the Edward is not has hot in this movie. Although, looking at all the press he has been doing for this movie, he's looking hot there. Countdown the Eclipse now? ;-)

MGS Fotografie said...

I was definately disappointed with Edward...There was just something that didn't sit right...HOLY COW TAYLOR LAUTNER! I hated Jacob in the book, his character just annoys me (much like Bella) but he is so cute and his bod is SO rocking!

Bella was not nearly as irritating in this movie which was good, and I agree, she was definitely prettier and slightly thinner...damn hollywood...

Caitlin said...

Just saw it. O.M.G. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEJACOB! It was funny the first time he took his shirt off and all the ladies in the audience reacted...and then we all started cracking up because we all had the same reaction! (except some of us also laughed because we realized we were squealing over a 17 year old...a hot...HOT 17 year old. I'm not ashamed) Haven't read eclipse yet but am starting it tonight. Also, read Jen Lancasters (jennsylvania)blog for a very acute synopsis of New Moon complements of action figures from target.

shannon said...

i finally saw the movie last night and LOVED it!!! jacob was hot, edward was hot. ack! I can't decide, which makes me feel sypathetic to bella's plight. also kind of makes me wish i knew a vampire and!