Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Positive Polly!

Bonjour, my darlings! I missed you dearly while I was in California, but augh, can I just say? BEST. TRIP. EVER. I am literally counting down the days until Christmas vacay when Lola and I will have an entire WEEK w/ my FAB sis and bro and little Sofie monster!! (P.S. The pic is from dinner Friday night - love the glowy/blurry-ness of it!)

My sadness over leaving Ma Soeur hit me late on Sunday. I really, really did not want to hop on a plane back to reality. I thought that once I landed, I would for sure get tres depressed and spend the evening crying on the couch (per usual). But I surprised myself. Instead of sulking, I got busy! Working, unpacking, etc. and before I knew it, I was ready for work today. As for today, well, it has been pretty crappy work-wise (lots of h8ers!), BUT somehow I've been positive polly despite that! Amazing!

Tonight = more unpacking, more working, watching The City, and eating leftover kale and white bean ragout with hot, crunchy and buttery baguette. Yay! Oh and hopefully blogging all about my trip avec beaucoup de pictures!


MGS Photography said...

I'm sure having Lola to come home to made things a bit easier...I used to feel the same way (depressed) when I got home from a trip but lately I've been happy to come home and see the puppies :)

Revisionista said...

hey you!

yes, *the road* is a captivating read. i had it on my shelf for a while (maybe a couple years?) and after seeing 2012, I was in the mood for more apocalyptic fare. i'm crazy, i know! :)

once i got a few pages in, i wasn't able to put it down. i think i read 200 pages sunday (which is totally not like me) & then i rushed through dinner so i could finish it last night

in non apocalyptic-news, that chanel bag is totally gorgeous on you!

ta soeur said...

We miss you too!!! Can't wait for another crazy week over Christmas. Sofie will LOVE being re-united with Lola.

positively present said...

Yay, for Positive Polly! Sounds like you had a great trip. Awesome!!

Lynne from NY said...

Missed you, look forward to pictures and more stories.

Have you ever thought about transferring to San Fran? What an incredible city to live and work in :)