Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 To Do List

I'm adding another Anti-New Year's Resolution to my list (which you can learn more about here): take more photos.

I've been majorly slacking in this area, despite having multiple digital cameras and a shiny pink Holga. (And this Friday, I'm adding another one to my mix... stay tuned.) But with my recent venture into visual journaling (more on that later), and the fact that I live in a rad town with lots of cool photo-ops, I've decided I need to get serious about it. So that's on my 2010 To Do List.

Also? More road trips. I'm planning a trip to Marfa with Matty (could not be more excited!!!), and I foresee a solo road trip in my future as well. You know how I love my alone time.

Oh and one more - I'm going to start drinking tea out of my fabulous tea cup collection. Did you know I had a fabulous tea cup collection? Yup - it all started with this Easter Tea Party I threw for my Londy roommates (for the record, my apartment looks nothing like that anymore). I may have gone un peu nuts @ Anthropologie... But since then, those gorgeous babies have been collecting dust in a kitchen cabinet. Not anymore, friends. Not anymore.

It's the little things, you know? I'm trying to find beauty and pleasure in the little things.

{Image credits: flickr and elizabeth bunsen}


michele said...

I love both additions to your 2010 To Do List! (I've also been slacking in the photo-taking area despite having several cameras!)

Your tea cup collection IS fabulous! I am of the thinking that if you have something fancy, you should definitely enjoy it - even for everyday/seemingly mundane things - instead of letting it collect dust! It's there to be enjoyed! : )

Ellecubed said...

I absolutely love the things you are adding to your 2010 to do list. And I love that you have a fancy tea cup collection.

Melita said...

love the additions to the anti-resolutions. why not drink your tea out of a fancy cup right?! :) hugs!!

Sallie Ann said...

Love your new non-resolutions. Couple of other things...first, when you go to Marfa are you going to go UFO watching? Go see the Marfa Lights? Second, Have you ever been to Dishes From the Past in Ft. Worth...wait, of course you haven''s the coolest china place. Racks and racks of china...some discontinued. I love mixing and matching. You would love it! Ok, that's all I got today. xoxo

Pink Heels said...

It is the little things that actually bring the greatest joy to our lives. Indulge.

m e l i g r o s a said...

hello :D
found you via teaspoon – and yes! take more pics, it has connected me with oh so many wonderful bloggers around the world, from a few streets overe here in SF, to bike bloggers in copenhagen