Friday, February 5, 2010

TGIF: It's the Weekend, Baby!

Can I just say... TGIF??? Phew, this week went from happily boring/slow to ridiculously stressful and crazy. My work computer got a massive (I mean MASSIVE) virus that attached itself to my work profile, meaning it followed me everywhere. No bueno. I got to work yesterday morning only to find our IT person in my office, shaking her head. I immediately grabbed a bunch of files and headed back home to work in my PJs and bed. This morning I had a dentist appointment that ran way late, which made me seriously panic and check my blackberry every 5 seconds (had 2 urgent projects waiting for me). Must remember to just calm down and breathe in moments like those. Anyway, good news for me - no cavities! YAY!!!

I've knocked out those urgent projects (for now) and am taking a moment to breathe before attacking another one. (Can I get a YAY for having billable work??) I am UBER excited about my weekend b/c it's going to be... so very very good.

My Weekend Plans

Friday - Seeing Dear John at the Alamo with a bunch of friends, old and new, all FANTASTIC and FABULOUS!

Saturday - Massive artist date! I plan to sleep in and then spend my afternoon in PJs, working on a petite project that I'll tell you more about later. Here's a sneak peek...

Later that day, I am visiting my favorite masseuse to indulge in several hours of pure bliss. Voila my spa package:

- 90-minute Deep Tissue Massage
- Cocoa Cocoon Hydrating Body Wrap
- Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation
- Warm Foot & Calf Sugar Scrub
- Magic Mint Scalp Massage
- Cool Cucumbers on the Eyes
- Take Home Gift Bag
- Served with Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream & New Tree Chocolates

Sunday - Real life stuff! Cleaning house, doing laundry, preparing food for the week, etc.

What're you dolls up to this weekend?


michele said...

Wow, that spa package sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Enjoy! And I'm looking forward to seeing what your petite project is!! : )

Have a fab weekend!! xoxo!

TheAnalyst said...

I'm soooo jealous! Spa package sounds amazing! Enjoy it!

Melita said...

sounds like a really grand weekend ahead. especially the part with you and your massage therapist ;) love & hugs!!

me said...

your weekend sounds like mine...MINUS the SPA part! lol have a great one :)

Micaela said...

ugh, so sorry about your virus :( yes TGIF for you little lady!

I wish i was seeing Dear John this weekend!

I love the looks of your artist date.

enjoy the spa for me PLEASE! oh so jealous but you deserve it after your hellish week at work. Thank God for IT! I miss my IT person at my old job... there's nothing like having your "work spouse" be your IT person. lol


Sallie Ann said...

I'm very jealous of your massage. My back is killing me after a physically challenging week in Cleveland. Enjoy every minute! And I'm dying to see what you'll make of those yummy papers. Hmmm...
I'm going to the museum tomorrow, and have a date tomorrow evening.Tonight I'm snuggled up on the sofa, sipping apple tea and munching on popcorn, and about to watch a movie.

Mal said...

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Rachel said...

Your weekend sounds like it was amazing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did reading about it!