Monday, February 1, 2010

Full Wolf Moon Dreamboard

Saturday was the Full Wolf Moon (yes, I thought of Jacob), and although my dreamboard is a bit late, I had oodles of fun creating it tonight. It's February now, which is SO hard to believe, and I love February for so many reasons. It's a short month (yay for less time between paychecks - HA), and it's a month full of pinks and reds and hearts and sugary sweets! I've always loved Valentine's Day, and the fact that I'm single doesn't change that fact at all. (In fact, I think I like it more when single because I don't have to worry about anyone else moi.) I love V-day because, well, it's all about love. And I'm having such a grand time loving me, myself, and I lately that I couldn't help but let my love for me and life and Valentine's Day shine through this dreamboard.

Jamie says this is the time when wolves howl for their yearnings, their desires. What do I desire? All of the above! Look closely (click on pic to enlarge) and you'll find images of desire, sensuality, sweet thangs, fun flair, and unapologetic sparkly fabulous goodness... does it get any better than that?


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Hey Darlin'

I'll be working on my board this weekend. I'm going to the Museum of Contemporary Art tomorrow and will pick up some of my favorite post cards to add. Love yours...very inspiring. Hugs!