Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I'm Loving: Hump Day Edition

It's Hump Day, so I thought, what is more appropriate than a completely random Things I'm Loving list? Makes sense, no? Enjoy! ;)

1. Party Pink Lips

{image: knightcat}

2. Learn a New Language Shower Curtain (i'm partial to the French version, but Spanish is probably more appropriate considering i know zero espanol, and i live in TX)

3. Kell On Earth - As Crystal commented, it's no RZP, but it definitely satiates my appetite for behind-the-scenes fashion reality tv.

4. Sultry Bangs - Everytime I think I want to grow out my bangs, I see a pic like this and completely change my mind.


5. The amazing feedback I'm getting from this post. I'm learning so much, and I *so* appreciate the support - you have no idea. Also? I'm loving guacamole. Because last night I realized it is vegan-friendly, and that made me really happy (especially after I heartbreakingly realized that queso is definitely not.)


Lauren said...

I'm loving Kell on Earth too!

City Girl said...

Yay, guacamole was a total lifesaver for me when I went dairy-free. Also salsa is another good one :)

For a queso craving you could try this:

I found it a bit too vinegary for my taste at first, but it grew on me. In the grand scheme of processed foods, I did not think it was too processed (it's lentil based). I bought it from the Vegan Store, which is metro accessible for me, but several online stores sell it.

Or, you could make this cheese sauce (link below) and follow the instructions all the way at the end to thicken it. I mixed it with salsa as she suggests, and it was a nice dip. Incidentally, even though the post is technically about mac and cheese, she gives great background on how everyone seems to have different opinions in terms of nutritional yeast sauces and cheese substitutes in general. Here's the link:

As an aside, I would say both things were definitely a bit strange when I first had them early on in being dairy-free, but after 10 months of being dairy-free taste much better.

City Girl said...

Also, one of my most inspiring blogs to eat mostly plant-based in Meghan Telpner. Great great pictures - just check out today's

Another good one is the Voracious Vegan - some of her posts are very picture heavy, and great inspiration - like this one:

Chelsa Bea said...

I'm loving all these things, too! Been totally into pink lately. Love the shower curtain. Absolutely, adore Kell on Earth. And, I've totally wanted to chop my hair and make bangs lately (However, I've stopped myself because of the wedding but maybe I'll do it after). And that guac, looks sooo delish. Happy Wednesday, lovey!

Micaela said...

j'adore this list!!! sultry bangs AND that colour please.

Crystal said...

A few days ago I combed my side-swept bangs straight down into my eyes and now I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner. I love my "new" bangs!!!

Oh and re: Kell on Earth. Did you know before she became what she is today, Kell used to live in a motel in LA and read tarot cards to people on Venice Beach to scrape by? I kid you not, read it somewhere online.

shelly said...

lurve that shower curtain! i must have THAT in my
Kell on earth is my new guilty pleasure
guacamole is just pure pleasure :)

Sandhya said...

stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say it's super cute. also, heading over to get that shower curtain ASAP!

Ashe Mischief said...

As a guac and queso lover myself, I admire you for giving up queso! I know I could never do it, but have so much admiration for your pursuit of veganism!

Rachel said...

I *love* that shower curtain. LOVE it.