Friday, July 2, 2010

Bonjour, July!

{image: flickr}

Happy 4th of July weekend, my lovelies!! I can't believe June is over and that I actually blogged daily (more or less) about my NYC adventures (and mishaps). I welcome July and the lack of pressure to blog daily with very open arms. That being said, I love getting back into the swing of regular blogging, so I assure you that there will be lots of posts from me in the upcoming month as well.

What're you up to this 4th of July weekend? Moi, there will be plenty of wine drinking, courtyard gatherings with new friends, possible beach time, and fancy NYC fireworks. I can't WAIT! And in the spirit of this celebratory month, I've decided it's high time that I get back on the monthly goals bandwagon. Without further adieu, voila my July goals.

~ Gym 3x/wk: Can you believe? I joined a gym today! I'm tres excited about it, too! It's got fantastic classes, is uber close to my apartment, and every single treadmill and elliptical has a TV attached. Heaven.

~ Yoga 1x/wk: Oh how I've missed yoga. There are so many fabulous studios in this city and a handful of them are either free or donation-based. Holla!

~ Stay positive about job search: It's easy to get down and have days like this. What I have to remember is that I moved here for a reason, and I know there is the perfect NON-legal job waiting for me in this vivacious city. Just gotta find it!

~ Schedule/attend 1 networking event/appointment per week: Although I've met with loads of contacts already, I need to stay on the ball. Networking is key to finding a job in this city. It's all about who you know!

~ Track spending: Now that my big expenditures have been taken care of, it's time to get very serious about being very frugal. I plan to track my spending this month to the DIME and to make sure I stay within my budget. (Mom - I know you're happy to see this.)

~ Return 2 journaling: My journaling, like my yoga practice, has completely fallen by the wayside. Now that I have a desk (are you sick of me saying that yet?), I have no excuse.

~ Explore 1 NYC neighborhood: Because I live in Chelsea and have everything I could possibly want within a 10-15 block radius, it's easy to get comfortable here. But I adore NYC and its different neighborhoods, so I intend to explore one in detail this month. I'm thinking West Village, as it's a complete maze, and I'm determined to find my way around it!

~ Limit ordering in: As I've said before, ordering in here is as easy as checking your gmail. It's beautiful. But it's expensive, fattening, and honestly, a little too much sometimes. I miss simple, healthy, and veggie-ful homecooked meals.

~ Daily smoothies: I got my blender, and I've been smoothie-ing it up!

~ Visit churches: One of my Anti-New Year's Resolutions was to add more spirituality in my life. Part of that means finding a good church here in the city. Luckily a few of my friends here are regular church go-ers, so I intend to tag along until I find one that feels like home.


positivelypresent said...

Happy 4th of July! Love the post!

LobotoME said...

great goals! good luck! :)