Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday I'm in Love

{image: flickr}

Actually, this Friday I'm not in love. This week has been... odd. Thankfully, it went by very quickly, and I'm welcoming the weekend with open arms. My tentative plans include yoga, the gym, a bbq in Prospect Park, and then of course a day o fun on Sunday avec Ma Soeur. She couldn't be coming at a better time.

I'm determined to pull myself out of this week's slump. Next week I hope to wake up early, do lots of yoga and lots of running, visit museums, explore neighborhoods (the weather is supposed to stay in the 80's - woohoo!!), and remind myself why I love this city.

Last night I ate spicy Korean tofu soup and saw Inception (HIGHLY recommend it). Remember when Leo DiCaprio was gorgeous? Yeah... not so much anymore. But he is a damn good actor.

Bon weekend, my darlings! Love you lots.


MoneyMaus said...

Hah! Don't worry, I'm not in love either... okay, maybe I'm in love w/ NYC but I do live in the other corner of the country! ;)

Have fun exploring the neighborhoods! I adore the West Village for it's cute tree-lined streets, the East Village for all it's incredible food and alternative feel & LES for the old/vintage NYC feel.

Crystal said...

Oh Leo -- I had the BIGGEST crush on him in high school (we're talking I owned a silk-screened wallet with his pics printed all over it, etc.). I just saw Inception and loved it as well!!

Hang in there -- Manhattan is a great city and you moved there because of its fabulousness. :D

Monster Girl said...

Leo might not be the cutest anymore, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt.....mmmmmm!

Melita said...

inception was pretty awesome :) i love reading about your nyc adventures. hugs!!