Friday, July 9, 2010

Filofax - FINALLY!

[NOTE to MOM: I know you're reading this and shaking your head b/c you don't understand WHY your daughter bought more paper stuff, but allow me to explain. I had to get a new planner anyway, and I wanted to try another kind. So really, in the end, it's not like I just bought something unnecessary. Okay? Promise! And if you get mad at these posts, then stop reading!! :D]

Augh what a nightmare it's been trying to get my hands on a filofax. The company from which I ordered the metropol in raspberry (same one was Gala Darling's in this post) failed to let me know that it was backordered, so when I called and found out, I may or may not have thrown a tiny tantrum. I insisted they refund my shipping costs and keep me posted (which, to be fair, they did). Unfortunately a few days later I woke up to an email telling me that the raspberry metropol is backordered until... SEPTEMBER. Would I like to keep my order active and be one of the first to receive it? Um, NO.

Anxiously, I scoured the web for another, but he was correct, they are completely out everywhere! So I decided I'd just bite the bullet and buy the boring (and expensive-r) light pink one. BLAH. I found it for about 20% less on Amazon and placed my order. And waited patiently. And asked the seller whether it had been shipped. And waited patiently. Until finally today, I decided to stop by Sam Flax to return a couple of things (okay, yes, they were filofax things...), and lo and behold, what do I find? A RASPBERRY METROPOL!!! I almost DIED in the store, immediately texted my friend Steph (who, unfortunately, has gotten a play-by-play of my whole filofax drama), and purchased it immediately. Now I have to deal with either canceling or returning my other one (who knows where it is!), but that is OK. Because in the end, I saved about $50, and I am MUCH happier with the non-leather raspberry pink version!

So I've been playing with it all afternoon, and I think it'll take a bit to see how I'm going to use it. It IS fun how customizable it is...

{that little heart sticker is a Fancy Nancy one and it says "I'm a tres, tres fancy girl." LOVE.}

{voila an instax pic of moi and my dear friend David on my 1st night in NYC. isn't he gorgeous?? love him!}

It still has a long way to go, but I already adore it! Yay for finding it so magically today!! I needed something amazing to happen after I unwillingly paid a whopping FORTY DOLLARS for lunch (believe moi, it wasn't my idea...) and proceeded to cry (not really) on the phone to my Mom afterwards. She laughed.

P.S. I'm going to do a follow-up post a couple weeks from now once I figure out the best way to use my filofax. I'm so excited! I'm such a DORK!! I get so excited about paper and organization and STICKERS!!!

P.P.S. The other night I dictated to my Mom on the phone which of my paper/creativity products to send me. As in, "Open the white box that's labeled 'pretty tape' and send me x, y, and z. Open the white box that's labeled 'STICKERS' and send me as much as you can fit!" Twas fun. My Mom thinks I have way too many stickers. She may be right...


TheAnalyst said...

The filofax is 100% Carolyn! I'm glad you found it and are thrilled!

Leslie said...

Isn't it funny how if you put something out into the universe, it responds? I love it! I love those types of things, but lately I have just been doing my organizing on the iphone. Boring!

Megan said...

Your definitely convincing me to buy one.

kaileenelise said...

I just read Gala Darling's post yesterday and have been all around the web shopping/thinking about biting the bullet. Can't wait to hear about your love affair with Le Filofax. I might just have to buy one to join in on all the fun! ♥kaileenelise

Julia said...

I have a red leather Filofax from years back. It's the same size. I keep it on my desk at home. I love my planner pad, but I love the small size of this planner.

I'm glad you like your NY stay. I will be in NY for FW and hopefully we can connect.


Veronika Krninsk√° said...

your page is amazing and
fullfilled with love and excitement and I love that :D
it's just great to see that I'm not the only filofax fan out there..
keep up the good work, girl..
lots of energy and greetings from czech republic.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled for you... I myself am obsessed with diaries and filofaxes and getting a new one is like a treat...

Really, any stationery i go to i could spent hours in looking through all the different pens and books and stuff..

So i am very excited you have found you perfect filofax, hope i will find mine soon....


Zara M. said...

Isn't it wonderful when the exact filofax you have fallen in love with and almost given up hope for suddenly lands in your lap out of the blue? So happy for you xx