Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Goals

In the spirit of Melita, i've finally gotten around to making some May Goals. I've never done goals by the month, but i really like it, as it's not as overwhelming as yearly goals. Much more doable, n'est ce pas? Anyway, in case you can't read the above, my May Goals are:

1. get my yoga back on!

2. rediscover artist dates (a Julia Cameron term)

3. make morning smoothies (made one this morning for the first time in months.... holllaaa!)

4. start BAR trip scrapbook

5. document life more with cameras (aka take more pictures, esp. with my new Holga which i have not yet received :-( )

6. drink more tea, less coffee (even bought some green tea this past weekend, not the biggest fan of green tea but working on it as its health benefits are vast)


What are your goals for May?


Globetrotting Cacti said...

Love your goals (and green pen)! Making monthly goals appears so much more realistic. I am also going to try drinking more green and white tea (I am typically English and guzzle down black tea all day!!!). Also keen to get my yoga back on after getting the all clear from my Dr (gave birth to twins 6 weeks ago!). My big goal is to declutter my study and get on top of the filing - it really is a tip in here and I am such a tidy freak normally.

Good luck with your goals...

Lauren said...

I was just thinking about artist's dates the other day too. I need to get back into them.

I think my May goals are:

-Get back into an exercise routine
-De-stress now that the Spring semester is over
-Explore a few new places in DC
-Write in my paper journal more
-Get enough sleep

diana said...

Hooray for goals!
Monthly ones are a great idea! I always lose track of yearly goals.
I would have to say that I am going to;
1. take more days off for me
2. pracice my yoga more on the mat and off the mat
3. get more clutter out of my house
4. buy myself one new nice thing after I accomplish these goals at the end of the month!

Melita said...

thank you my dear for the shout out and your goals for may look great. i love how we have developed a web support system :)

today starts me getting back into the couch to 5k!

City Girl said...

It is very nice how we have a web support system as well. And I do love monthly goals - much more than any other goals for that matter.

kimberly wilson said...

ah, goals! i just posted two notecards full in my office at the studio. a few of them include:

1. declutter
2. learn + play on my new serger
3. keep boxing 1 X per week
4. build tranquilista website
5. biweekly vidcasts
6. read 2 books/month (rather than parts of 50!)
7. plan a sabbatical
8. record new yoga CD for october launch
9. train for army 10-miler (aka get my bum running again)
10. daily yoga + meditation ommmmmm

Naturally Jules said...

I love your list - I agree, monthly goals do seem a lot more doable than yearly goals. I think Feb. I fizzle out from my yearly goals, so I will have to try this. Thanks for the great post!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i need to get my pilates back on, that's for sure. :/

Anonymous said...

I know! I am all tied in knots without my yoga. It's been months!


Hanh said...

I love your list. For me, I need back to my workout routine, get enough sleep and ready get busy with my kid on summer.