Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Perfect Day

{pic from Claudia at the beautiful blog: the paris apartment}

Nina posted a lovely question yesterday on her gorgeous blog - what does your perfect day look like? This was my response:

~wake up naturally to sunlight streaming into my room, Lola at my side

~breakfast in bed (grits + spicy sausage + fried egg for savory, french toast with berries for sweet, and oodles of coffee and cream)

~spend the day strolling and shopping the streets of Paris, grab lunch at a darling cafe, enjoy a macaron + tea at Laduree

~back home for an afternoon nap, Lola at my side

~post-nap, curl up with tea, scones + clotted cream, fresh fruit, journal, books, colored pens, stickers, etc.

~get dolled up for dinner at my favorite restaurant in Rome (clearly traveling time does not interfere w/ my perfect day)

~dessert (prob. can't get this in Rome) of warm chocolate molten cake + vanilla bean ice cream + decaf coffee

~post-dinner stroll with a lover, holding hands

~long, hot, fragrant, candle-lit bath in giant tub

~deep tissue massage

~blissful sleep, again with Lola at my side

(In retrospect, i'd probably also throw in a delicious yoga class as well. And maybe add a roaring fire and snow outside?? Mmmm)

What is your idea of a perfect day?

P.S. Nina - i'm dying to hear yours!!


naturally nina said...

haha! it's coming tomorrow, i promise. i spent an hour writing it.

so. much. fun. :)

love yours - almost stole the massage idea ;)

naturally nina said...

p.s. that's too funny about the snow. that's totally my backdrop! :)

Noodlegirl said...

ok I thought and thought about it I have been quite stressed lately and this would be my wonderful perfect day.

- Wake up to a glorious day with endless money in the bank account.
- Go to the perfect flow yoga class
- Have a wonderful breakfast of swedish pancakes and some eggs on the side with tea and orange juice
- Go home and wear a very flattering bikini "this perfect day of mine I am flawless as well lol" pack a wonderful picnic lunch and go to the beach with my man and get a tan.
- Go home shower, nap, wake up relax with a cup of tea n read a good relaxing book while the bf cooks a wonderful meal for me along with dessert and wine in tow.
- Back to reading and while a relaxing music is playing in the back ground.
- Have a wonderful uninterrupted sleep

In this day my cat is being the perfect cat as well.

What do you think of my day

Melita said...

your perfect day sounds...well, perfect!!

there are too many things to put in one day so i would need a perfect week? is that ok?? ;)

love how noodlegirl's cat is being perfect on her perfect day, gave me a chuckle!!

Kirsten said...

I want a perfect year ;-)

Carolyn said...

noodlegirl - GREAT idea about full bank acct and bikini body!! i'm totally adding those to the list :)

Noodlegirl said...

My cat is so evil right now she wakes me up at 4am everyday for a rub down then at 5 for a snack I mean seriously wouldn't you want a good uninterruped sleep if you were me

JOY said...

f! i totally forgot about the bath!
great day!! sounds so romantical!

harcoutbreton said...

my perfect day is beautiful clear blue sky with a hint of small white cloud figures and together with my girlfriend having vanilla ice cream in the paris park...