Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Hump (Day)

Today was a good day, i think. Well... it had its ups and downs.

The UP's:

- making it to 6:30 vinyasa class! yay moi!!

(photo via Hip Tranquil Chick)

- wearing these sweet nude Colin Stuart wedges to work (elongated my legs like crazy!)

- dining on a delicious bento box and (ridiculously overpriced) green tea @ lunch

(this was not my bento box, but it was tasty/pretty, too!)

- admiring my pretty purple tulips

- carving out some quiet time for afternoon tea + biscuits

- late night trip 2 Tarjay :)

- getting a shoutout from my #1 girl crush Kimberly Wilson (i'm giddy!)

The DOWN's (no pics for these b/c duh, they are the downs!):

- VERY slow @ work, which makes the time drag by... not fun.

- the rapidly multiplying fruit/drain/whatever flies that have infested my apartment (yes it's that disgusting and yes i kind of want to die b/c i'm so grossed out). If my apartment doesn't fix this problem soon, i'm checking into a hotel.

- getting duped into paying $3.50 for the aforementioned cup of green tea, which consisted of hot water + tea bag

- gross flies

- not adhering to my 10 p.m. bedtime (as it's currently 11:38 p.m.)

- did i mention the nasty flies?? ok ok, i'll shut about them... for now

Clearly the UP'S outweight the DOWN'S so i can't complain! Soooo glad we are moving towards the weekend :-) Tomorrow we have a special Associates happy hour starting at 4:30, and then afterwards i think i'm going to hit up a delish tex-mex place downtown with some colleagues.

How was your HUMP DAY?


Globetrotting Cacti said...

Glad the up's outwweighed the down's. Really $3.50 for a cup of green tea - that is rather steep!!! Loving the tulips - purple is my favourite colour, they really brighten up your desk space.

Anonymous said...

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Melita said...

the negatives definitely sucked BUT the positives TOTALLY outweighed them!! i mean, hello, a shout out from kimberly!!! i could be so lucky!! :-) (yes i'm jealous lol).

hope your thursday is even better than your wednesday!!


Emily said...

You had a very lovely Wednesday! Wow. :) Those wedges are oh-so-adorable! Have a great morning!

Lauren M. said...

Vinegar is supposed to help kill the fruit flies. If you leave bowls or cups of vinegar out, it supposedly kills them.

Anonymous said...

Here's another way of fruit flies that I discovered accidentally: Drink a bottle of wine and save the cork. Leave empty (and unwashed!) bottle open on the counter for a while. The flies will love it. When you think they're all in there, cork the bottle QUICKLY (and preferably without jostling the bottle at all, otherwise the flies will escape!) and toss it in the recycling. Repeat if necessary.

Pink Heels said...

Namaste! You made it through the ups and downs!

Anonymous said...

wow cool you can wear those shoes to work! i love law offices, when i worked in one we always had a bottle in our desk drawer. when i say that i mean, everyone that worked there had a bottle in their desk drawer! very fun job indeed.