Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've had a rough start today. You know those days when it seems like the world is fighting you, and you're like, UM HELLO, STOP FIGHTING ME, WORLD!! Especially since i *finally* woke up and got my bum into the gym for some cardio. (It's been weeks... ok maybe months...) What a great start to my Tuesday, i foolishly thought. Since then it's been destructive pets, spills, breaks, lame Austin drivers, Central Market NOT having sushi ready this morning (got a salmon salad instead - boo), and another day at work filled with... oh, that's right, NOTHING. Also? I'm exhausted and want nothing more than to crawl back into bed. I thought exercise was supposed to give you energy?

Luckily one of the first blogs i read once i got to work was Yogadiva's Divine Life, and her post entitled "Beyond Happy." I wish i were a more positive person because i know i'd be happier. Unfortunately i tend to sway towards the negative/bitchy side, and that's something i'd really like to change. My intentional/goal for the week (written in my Planner Pad in hot pink!) was to remember that i have power over my thoughts and can work to change them. I can't control whether someone cuts me off, or if the cleaning company i hired did a completely half-assed job, but i can control how i react to such situations. So yes, it's a neverending process, but i'm working on it. Thanks for reminding me, Yogadiva! I hope to be as positive and happy as you one day. :)

And in the spirit of this post, here are 5 things for which i'm grateful right now:

1. My health
2. My awesome sister whom i'm fortunate enough to be visiting this Memorial Day Weekend
3. My awesome blogging/twitter friends!!
4. Iced blueberry green tea (elixir of the GODDESSES, i've decided)
5. Yoga

Have a GREAT Tuesday, y'all!


Naturally Jules said...

Carolyn, I feel your struggles. I've had insomnia for the past two nights - so I'm dragin. I have zero tolerance for ANYTHING - argh! I will have to find my 5 grateful items. Thanks for the reminder!

Caitlin said...

Speaking of planner pads... Thanks for the coupon code you twittered yesterday! The cost was the only thing holding me back from getting one, so now beginning in July, I'm going to be a part of the PlannerPadPosse. Any tips on how to bust it out of boring black?

theanalyst said...

I know how you feel! I had a not so pleasant Tuesday morning as well. Thankfully it is the afternoon now and I'm counting until my yoga class (something I esp. grateful for today). I thought I would share a quote with you, regarding changing your thoughts (I have this on my erase board at work and in my pink moleskin): "Problems can't be solved with the same mind that created them." -Einstein. I think this can not only apply to problems, but our outlook on life.

Carolyn said...

Jules - oh gosh, your insomnia sounds AWFUL. i really hope it gets better! is this something that happens often?

Caitlin - Congrats on joining the planner pad family!! as for making it pretty, i typically use scrapbook paper (if you can find the adhesive kind, even better) and just glue/tape it to the front and back covers. then i'll sometimes add monogram stickers to the front for my initials. i'll try to get some pics for ya :)

theanalyst - thanks for the quote!! it is an excellent one and yes, very life-applicable

City Girl said...

gaaaaaahhh - I just ordered a new planner pad and then saw your tweet with the code a day later. I keep going from personal to executive to personal and now I decided I must stick withthe executive size, even though it is WAY too heavy and basically stretched out my work purse. oh well. feel better.