Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seeing Double


Only this time, it's even better, because today's blog crush features not 1, not 2, not even 3... but 4 bloggers!!! OK i take that back - it's actually 2 blogs of 2 adorable married couples, but 4 sounded better than 2, no?

ANYWAY, i'm featuring these two blogs together b/c: (1) i majorly *heart* both of them, (2) the similarities between them are uncanny, and (3) 2 is better than 1.

With that being said, allow me to introduce...

Chris and Stacey Sargent of Love and Photographs; and

Josh and Naomi Davis of The Rockstar Diaries!

Now, although these are couples blogs, it's mostly the chicas doing the posting, and as adorable as these hubbies are, it's mostly the ladies with whom i've fallen in love. I first found Stacey's blog a few months ago when she won a contest over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. I instantly fell in love with her adorably perky outlook on life, her Anthro-inspired vintage style, and her killer bangs. (I think i even told her that her bangs reminded me of Erin's from The City on MTV.)

One of the things i love best about her? How much she loves her family. Stacey is married to Chris, and it's so obvious these two are head-over-heels in love with each other. And instead of being overly sappy and annoying, it's endearing and sweet. :-) Aren't they cute?

I stumbled upon Naomi's blog just last week (i think was so overwhelmed with work that i took a mandatory 20-minute blog break). Oh *SWOON* wow, is this girl stunning or what? Like Stacey, Naomi's got a vintage style to-die-for and yes, killer bangs!

Naomi is a Juliard graduate (where she was a dancer - how cool is that??), has an insatiable lust for all things Pinkberry and McDonald's (another thing i LOVE about her), and like Stacey, is completely smitten with her hubby.

A few more similarities... (and reasons you should love them, too!)

1. S & N both have great style. The best thing about it, though, is that they manage to come off as beautiful, sweet, sexy thangs without being half-naked. That's a rarity in this day and age, and i fully respect them for that.

2. They're both obsessed with Polaroids.

3. They're both obsessed with FOOD! (me too - can you tell??)

4. They both have doting, adorable hubbies who are fine examples of what hubbies should be.

5. They've both Mormon.

6. They both love taking pictures, and their blogs are full of eye candy.

7. They both have big families and sisters galore (my fave!).

8. They both make you want to be a better person.

9. They both have Etsy shops featuring some fabulous headbands (i would've bought some, but my freakishly large head won't have it).

10. They are both quality BFF material. :-)

And last, but not least... I commented on Stacey's blog after i discovered Naomi's and told her that i found this chick whose life seemed so oddly similar to hers that she had to check it out. Well, guess what?

They already know each other!! Ha, of course they do. They used to dance together way back in the day and have reconnected via the blogosphere. Adorable. Perfect. My two blog crushes are friends! Doesn't get any better than that. Aren't they gorgeous?

P.S. I can't say THANK YOU enough for all the wonderfully supportive, sweet, kind and compassionate comments on the last post. It's people like you that make it easier to be honest and open on my blog, and i'm so SO grateful. Don't you wish we could all have a big bloggerific party and build a giant fort and eat cupcakes and sip champagne??


City Girl said...

I discovered the Rockstar Diaries about the time I was leaving NYC and then rediscovered them again recently - too funny that they moved to DC.

Glad we could all help :) Next time you build a fort, you should totally get cupcakes first!

Stacey Sargent said...

Aww love this post. Love naomi, and love you and all the sweet things you always say!

we (naomi and i) freak each other out (not it a bad way...a good, funny way) we are so similar. except that she is more talented than me! haha! love you both!

Lauren said...

Ohhh I love these ones! Thanks for sharing!

Melita said...

these are both adorable blogs. i, too, wish we could get together and have cupcakes and drink champagne until our hearts were content.

naomi megan. said...

oh my gosh! you are so sweet! thanks for this! and i love stacey too!! she's absolutely lovely and her comment is so true, sometimes i think we were separated at birth, we're so similar without knowing...