Saturday, May 2, 2009

Death Cab: A Mini Review (before i pass out)

Music: Overall incredible, amazing, as good as i remember, love Ben Gibbard, love love him. (P.S. is it me, or has he gotten cuter??)

Atmosphere: Shit-tastic. I wanted to stab several people around me in the neck. Seriously. Screaming at the top of your lungs DURING the concert? Plus there was that one girl standing directly in front of C who refused to move even though she clearly had no seat. Oh and the 12-year old boys with greasy/shaggy hair and really, really bad acne. Gew.

Experience: Good and bad. I managed to zone out and enjoy the sweet, sweet sounds, but once reality crept in, i had to try *really* hard to keep my hands to myself (aka not strangle my fellow concertgoers.)

Wow - am i old or what?

And now, a pictorial journey!

My nails newly painted in Essie's Punchy Pink (you can't tell from the pic but they are NEON pink - looove!)

My Schiap toes and C's badass green boots.

Moi & C before people got super annoying ;-)

I will possess your heart, baby.

Bedtime! Gotta wake up for 9:30 SPIN. Xoxo darlings!!


Melita said...

looks like you had a good time (minus all of the "kids"). as i've gotten older, i seem less tolerant of the kids. i expect you probably will too lol.

too bad you can't come, i was looking forward to meeting you. i signed up as soon as she mentioned it since i was so bummed that i missed the one in january. maybe next time??

Lauren M. said...

I hope I last long enough to be an inspiration! I'm going to post pics of my Mother's Day gift. It was super easy to do and I think she'll like it better than anything I could buy.