Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fit for Fall: Weekly Check-In

I'm going to start doing my weekly check-ins for Fit for Fall on Tuesdays (posted Wednesday).  There's a reason I'm picking this day, but I'm not quite ready to share why yet.  Details to come soon. 

Here we go!
FOOD: I did pretty crappy as far as my diet was concerned.  Most of the week was fine, but then Thursday rolled around.  I had a simple and early dinner of grits, and immediately after finishing them, my stomach felt off.  For the rest of the night I felt extremely nauseous and got up almost every hour to vom.  Yup, because of GRITS.  Actually I've no idea what caused it, but it was terrible and disgusting.  I felt AWFUL and was up until the wee hours of the night feeling awful.  The next morning I felt better, but wanted to take it easy to I ran across the street to Duane Reade (there are 3 Duane Reade's, 1 CVS, and 1 Rite Aid within 2 blocks of my apartment.  Ridiculously awesomely convenient.) and bought saltines and ginger ale.  By the evening I felt great and wanted to celebrate by eating my most favorite junk food ever: FRIES!  I found a place here that has fries I actually enjoy (and super yummy dipping sauces, too) and ordered some.  And thus began the downward spiral that was my weekend... bad eating, a little drinking, and more bad eating.  (In retrospect, my eating wasn't that bad.  It was probably a lot better than most of my weekend eating in this city!  It just seemed so bad b/c I'm so conscious of it right now.)

EXERCISE: Despite my awful eating, I did really well working out!  Even after my weekend of crap, I peeled myself off my bed (which also serves as a lovely makeshift couch in my room) on Sunday and headed to the gym.  StairMaster (which I abhor btw), treadmill, weights, and finished with some elliptical action - it felt GREAT!  Monday night I made another appearance and did some running on the treadmill before a 45-minute high intensity dance class.  I LOVE the dance classes at my gym b/c they are hard. core.  My instructor looks like Usher (and dances like him, too!) and keeps our heart rate up the entire time.  Took today off, and tomorrow I'm going to a very badly needed yoga class.  Also going to try and make Zumba on Thursday!  Have any of you taken a Zumba class?  I've no idea what to expect!  Lemme know!

How'd you guys do?  I know many of you tweeps are getting in on the action!!  Yay!


Pamplemousse1983 said...

Zumba is soo soo fun! You're gonna love it. It's just like dancing to great music :)

Lauren said...

I've been making green smoothies this week for breakfast.
I'm still trying to get into a workout rhythm but I've done a little of something everyday this week.
There's a zumba class near me, every time I go by there are more cars in the lot, so I'm guessing it's pretty popular. I want to try it soon. :)