Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Morning Ritual:  Bonjour, friends!!  Can I just say that I ADORE having to get up early now?  I know, I know, it's nuts but hear me out.  I love being up in the morning, sipping coffee and watching CNN, and feeling like a productive member of society.  Despite it being a STRUGGLE to actually get out of bed when my alarm goes off, I'm loving it.  I hope that eventually I might be able to get up even earlier so I can have more time to savor my coffee, write my 750 words, and catch up on blogs (cause seriously, I have no other time to do so). 

Work: I'm writing this, funnily enough, before I head to work for the day!  Today will be my first day actually sitting in my department all day.  I'm eager to learn so I can actually start being a helpful member of the team.  Ma Soeur asked me yesterday what exactly I'm going to be doing, and honestly... I have no idea haha.  I've never done this job before!  The work environment is fast-paced and team-oriented though so I'm excited.  :D  I've already begun making a list of "Office Must-Haves."  Things like hand lotion, essential oils, something fragrance-y, a coffee/tea tumbler, cute notepads, fun pens, etc.  Can you think of any office essentials I need to add to my list?

Fit for Fall: Sooo I've been TOTALLY sucking.  That's not true - I've kept up with my workouts, but my eating has been all over the place.  As a result, I feel gross and bloated and sluggish so I want to nip this in the bud asap.  I couldn't go to my WW meeting last night because it was Roomie Deux's birthday, and I think knowing that I wouldn't weigh in definitely made an impact on how I ate.  I wouldn't be surprised if I gain next week!  Le sigh.  Anyway, as far as MOVIN and GROOVIN is concerned, I'm doing well.  I've decided to loosely follow Hal Higdon's 10k training plan (for novices).  It seems doable, customizable, and I like how the runs are spaced out.  Because I couldn't go to the gym last night, I did my 2.5 miles on Monday (with a belly full of pizza - OW) and tonight is 30 min. cross (boooo I HATE the elliptical).  Anyone want to join moi? 

Gotta run!  Have a FABULOUS HUMP DAY!!


Vanessa said...

My office must haves are totally boring, but I make sure to always have lip balm and tampons on hand :-) I also make sure that my work area is as creatively inspiring as possible and I hang up images next to my desk that make me happy or make me think. Then when I get fed up I just look at my wall and remember what kind of work it is I want to produce. What kind of writer I want to be.

Pamplemousse1983 said...

As someone who worked in a cubicle farm for three years, I am going to give you a little warning. If you do use essential oils/fragrance please make sure it's very light. You don't know if your cubicle friends have allergies or sensitivites.

Other than that, have fun! I like to keep photo frames of my dogs/husband/etc and hand sanitizer is a must! Also pretty office things that make you happy. I keep a fun snail shaped tape dispenser and kitty staple-less stapler on my desk as well as pretty little trays that help work as catchalls.

Analiese said...

I actually wrote a post about office essentials last year!

Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

GLad you are enjoying your job :) Re: lotion/essential oils/fragrance at the office, I would be very careful. First, like pamplemousse said, you don't know what kind of allergies etc people have. Second, allergies aside, it has been my experience when I have worked in cube land that people really do not like being around fragranced stuff at work. For some reason it can really annoy people. Cubeland, unfortunately, means a whole lot more etiquette that having one's own office - esp with regards to fragrance, food, music and talking on the phone.

MandaMog said...

(I'm reading your blog from my cubicle. Shh... don't tell)

I keep: a blanket, hand sanitizer, kleenex, tylenol, tampons, lotion, plastic silverware, a couple packets of sugar or splenda, tic tacs, granola bars, my Bible, generic birthday card, and a candy jar.

I keep all my office supplies in vintage containers (a sugar dish, ice cream cup, etc). I'm like you- an overload of generic office supplies makes me sick. Currently I don't know what to do with a black electric stapler. It is ugly.

I highly recommend you bring some treats to work this week. You might even shoot your team a quick email letting them know they can get the good stuff at your desk. Food makes people happy, gives you an easy opportunity to meet people, and lets them know you are good to have around.

Congrats on your new job in the Big Apple! So exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous posters, I don't even wear perfume in the office. No scented anything. People are really sensitive. It's a bummer, but since it's community space, I'm just really aware that not everybody can tolerate smells.

Other essentials: tampons, snacks (I always keep Lara bars on hand), Kleenex, Emergen-C, hand sanitizer, Method cleaning wipes (my stuff gets dusty fast), a calendar, any pictures that make you feel happy and daisies (I try to keep flowers at my desk unless somebody is allergic).

TheAnalyst said...

I'm a bit jelly...I wish I loved mornings. Ugh, I am practically dead when I wake up. And while I do enjoy sipping coffee and watching the Today Show (news meets entertainment), I find myself running late afterwards as I got caught up being slow as a snail. Sigh...oh well, it is what it is. Since my workspace changes to multiple sites each week, office essentials are what I carry with me--tissues, good scented antibac, lotion, some pens, a highlighter, phone, post-its and sometimes my laptop. Plus whatever papers and/or books are needed that day. And yes, I might come off as a bag lady some days. ;)