Monday, October 4, 2010

Current Obsesions

I get obsessed with stuff. That's just the way I am. I've tried to fight it, but there's no use - that's my personality, and I'm just going to roll with it. Voila a list of my current obsessions:

Criminal Minds

I've only recently begun watching this show per recommendation of Ma Soeur. Now, I can't get enough and scour the channels to find episodes to DVR. I'm so ridiculously invested in these characters too... it's un peu unhealthy. But I love it.

Military Green

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Quite possibly, my favorite neutral. It's taken over my closet this summer and will be making several repeat performances this fall.

PB & Honey

A perfect combination of salty and sweet. I put it on any type of bread (waffle, english muffin, multigrain) and in my green smoothies.

iPhone 4

I finally understand why everyone is so obsessed with this technological wonder - because it's amazing.  I was sans internet at home for 2.5 days and would've gone nuts had I not had my trusty iPhone 4.  Sad?  Maybe.  I never thought I was such an internet junkie, but apparently I am.  I also love the case I got (this one).

Your current obsessions?  Let me know!


Globetrotting Cacti said...

LOVING the Nike + GPS app (and you don't need the receiver pod in your trainers).... great to see how far you have run/where you have run. Was in London at the week-end and hubbie and I got a bit lost (not at all related to the wine we drank with lunch!) and used the GPS on our phones to locate and navigate back to Leicester Square - we both laughed about what we would have done without an iPhone!).

Also loving deep purple with every-thing (iPhone case, clothes)...

Food wise... Starbucks loose tea (not sure if they are selling them in the States). They come in gorgeous tin containers and go into my new Bodem tea cup/infuser.


Danielle said...

Obsessed with 30 Rock, my droid x phone, the craft store Archivers, cadbury's milk chocolate with buiscuit candy bars & their choc covered animal crackers.

seacheles said...

Currently obsessed with soy chai tea lattes, apple cider donuts, avon, and halloween stickers! :)

Lavanya said...

I love military green too ( and dirty, mossy, earthy greens).. Currently I have an (unhealthy) obsession for 'Mad Men'..

FB @ said...

Favourite TV shows
Castle, Nikita, Modern Family and The Rachel Zoe Project

Searching for a new and cool Wordpress Theme
I really want to find a good one but this is proving harder than I thought

Plain yoghurt with sugar

Miso Paste
There's something awesome about white miso paste. Seriously awesome.

I can't get over that deep, inky sort of magenta fuschia. LOVE.

My Sony Laptop
I adore it. ADORE!