Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Domestic Goddess

After months of complete disregard for my home and especially my kitchen, i'm reconnecting with my inner domestic goddess and i'm LOVING it. Last weekend i made a delectable beef daube provencal (aka "stew") that i finally polished off tonight. Next i'm going to try to master chili and cornbread (have been inhaling Whole Foods version these days), and this weekend i might even give red velvet cupcakes a shot (i'm not much of a baker..). I've been playing around with my apartment and am happy with the progress, albeit slow. And today after work i stopped by Breed & Co., an Austin jewel, and picked up some chalkboard paint. I've wanted to include chalkboard surface in my apartment since i moved in but just never did it. Today at work i decided to give it a go and painted the pantry door. It's great! I hope to use it for inspirational quotes, recipes, grocery lists, etc.

I can't wait until i have a real home. :-)


City Girl said...

Yay - I find cooking so grounding. One of the things that came up at Kimberly's retreat last Saturday was that cooking is yet another way to express your creativity. This was my first time actually going to one of the retreats - it's been long overdue!

Naturally Jules said...

Yay! I love cooking! I haven't touched a paintbrush, marker, crayon in a looong time, but I find cooking and baking satisfies my "creative" bug - and cupcakes...yummy!

I LOVE the idea of chalkboard paint on the pantry door - fantastic! Post a pic when your done!

ofifteen said...

I wish I had that cupcake now :)

'designing your life'

K.Imaginelli said...

those cupcakes are making my tummy rumble!! yuuuummmmm!

i'll send you the gumbo recipe when I get home.

and i know what you mean in your other post about the obama inauguration, etc making you want to do something. i have a similar impulse but i have no idea where to direct it....

Janssen said...

Thanks for your comment.

I'm loving looking at your blog and seeing the awesome Austin places you recommend. Keep it up!

K.Imaginelli said...

Here's the gumbo recipe:

Instead of shrimp, I used chicken.