Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashionista No More?

This afternoon, as i was grabbing a cup of delicious corn chowder from my favorite little bakery - Bakermans Bakery for those of you in Austin - the sweet lady who's always there to greet me complimented me on my "always fun and interesting outfits". I was both surprised and grateful for the comment, as it's been a long time since i've felt trendy/funky/fun at all. And although i admittedly enjoy the semi-grown up attire i've had to adopt since starting my job, i desperately miss dressing like a young 20-something should (i.e. the kickass chick above!). So please indulge moi as i reminisce about some of the things i miss the most...

~microminis (or minis of any kind, really)
~rugged boots with flow-y dresses
~really, really big hair (work hair is only semi-big and only on special days)
~bangles covering my arms
~colorful tights (these days i only wear black, navy, brown or grey.. aka BORING)
~knee socks and leg warmers
~wearing my Uggs with everything in the winter
~edgy denim shorts
~hot pink streaks in my hair
~hot pink anything
~sexy tanks (um, sexy anything?)
~bare shoulders

On a brighter note, i do SO appreciate the awesome comments i've been getting lately! It inspires me to blog more regularly, AND i love meeting (albeit virtually) all you fabulous, creative women. The blogging world is so unique, n'est ce pas? I've discovered oodles of fun new blogs (and incredible women who write them!) and promise to post an entry sharing the love. For now, back to work and dreaming about strutting the streets of London in head-to-toe TopShop!

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Anonymous said...

boooooo uggs

- BFF :)