Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funday

I just watched what i think will be the series finale of Lipstick Jungle and yes, i cried. Sigh it's been a long week, and wondering where i'll get my Victory Ford/Lindsay Price fix just adds to it. But not all is down in my world - I just had quite a revelation. A new deal I've been working on this week is going to force me into the office tomorrow, on a Saturday, a Saturday i must say that i've been looking forward to for a long time. But it's no big deal. In fact, i offered to come in, and i'm genuinely happy to do it. Wha?? This is so not a Carolyn-esque reaction, but it's for real. Anyway the point is, the fact that i'm totally fine with going to work on a Saturday made me really happy. Backwards? Yes. Wonderful in that life lesson/i'mgrowingup/wowhowmature kind of way? Absolutely.


City Girl said...

Aww - I will miss Lipstick Jungle too. It's not weird to not mind to work on a Saturday, but then again I am a lawyer, so maybe I am biased ;)

K.Imaginelli said...

I'm crossing my fingers that they'll bring lipstick jungle back. victory ford was definitely my favorite part of the show--I loved the way her house was decorated!

are you watching damages?!

hope you had a good saturday. i think there's something calming about going in to work on a weekend day--no one's around and it makes me feel like i'm getting a jump start on the week ahead. that said, i don't go in on the weekend very often.