Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 In Review

1. Got my precious pup - Lola!
2. (Somehow) graduated law school
3. Took and passed the BAR
4. Fully furnished, painted and decorated my apartment on my own
5. Started my first, real, full-time job
6. Got back on the workout wagon and began training with Deb (yay!)
7. Spent 2 wonderful weeks in the south of France, Paris, and London
8. Bought my first car (Friday - woo!)
9. Got into my first real accident (New Year's Eve - not woo at all)
10. Turned 25.

These past few weeks have been a blur of the Holidays, loving work, hating work, loving life, hating life, eating, rearranging, car research, and loads and loads of stress and frustration. But just in time for the New Year, it seems that things are falling back into place. Call it a quarter-life crisis, call it what you will, I've been out of sorts lately. But I'm determined to make 2009 fabulous, and I'm determined to start NOW.

This morning I went to yoga for the first time in over a month, and it was divine. Getting back to yoga, focusing on my breath, and turning within is KEY to my 2009 life makeover. This afternoon I met a dear friend for chai lattes and loads of 2008 reflection and 2009 goal-setting. Afterwards we hit up Central Market to get fresh veggies to aid in our 2009 resolutions to cook more and eat whole. Tonight I cooked myself a simple but delicious dinner of whole wheat pasta with a meaty tomato sauce and roasted brussels sprouts. And now I'm tucked into my recently decluttered bedroom (though a tad bit messy right now, i must say..) with my darling Lola curled up and sleeping at my side. For once I'm not totally dreading going to work tomorrow because hey, at least I get to drive my new ride! ('06 Acura TL in case you're wondering)

This week's plans include morning pages, regular workouts, daily prayer, seeing Marley & Me, funtimes with friends, staying busy at work, lots more cooking and as much ME time as I can squeeze in. Here's to 2009 - cheers!


melonie said...

i just shed a tear for the good times and memories in the stang...she was a good girl. :-)

K.Imaginelli said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog. It looks like 2008 was a fab year for you. Congrats on the BAR!

I don't know if you were on the teleclass tonight, but simplicity was one of the petals Kimberly listed on the New Year, New You plan. Although I must say that Rob P may have simplified his hair a little too much. Have you seen the new pics? I'm assuming he'll grow it back in time for Twilight 2. ;)